Monday, April 28, 2014

Inspiration: Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth contacted me to create outfits inspired by their latest collection, the Windsor Collection, and I just couldn't say no. Creating style boards inspired by anything and everything is right up my alley, so of course I wanted to put together outfits inspired by this beautiful new jewelry. 

What really drew me to these pieces is the fact that they themselves are inspired by Old Hollywood glamour because they're bold, feminine, lavish, and unforgettable. I mean just look at that picture above; aren't these rings stunning?

All of the pieces in this collection are handcrafted to order, and only .01% of the world's diamonds meet Brilliant Earth's standards for pure sourcing and exceptional quality. 

Posie & Iris
Brilliant Earth -- Posie & Iris

I went for an Old Hollywood meets the 21st Century look for all the outfits because of the engagement rings in the Windsor Collection. The Posie diamond ring is my favorite because it's classic in shape and just so pretty. Dress like the Posie ring by wearing a classic black dress, a silver rhinstone necklace, a floral box clutch, and pink heels. 

The Iris ring is different because it resembles an eye shape; the diamonds that make up the eye on the sides get slightly bigger to make an impact. Dress like it's namesake by wearing a purple-colored dress, a pretty necklace, an Iris brooch, a black clutch, and black pumps. 

Jasmine & Orianthe
Brilliant Earth -- Jasmine & Orianthe
The Jasmine ring is perfect for the flower-loving girl since it looks like a flower with two stems. Wear a turquoise-colored dress for a bold statement, a dainty bracelet, a floral clutch, and ankle-strap black heels. 

The Orianthe ring is very unique; rather than having a large diamond in the middle, it has three "stripes" of differently-cut diamonds with two circular ones at the end. Inspired by the "stripes" in the ring, I chose a gray dress that drapes, silver and black bangles, a gray floral-embellished clutch, and nude pumps. 

**This is not a paid-for post. All opinions are my own.**

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  1. I love how you styled the LBD with the fun pink heels and floral clutch!

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  2. Lovely blue dress and clutch :D


  3. Angela Keeley-WhiteApril 28, 2014 at 2:35 PM

    Loving the outfit for the posie ring! Those pink heels are stunning!


  4. loving your collages!

    xo Jessica

  5. Ah, you designed some beautiful outfits around these rings! I think the Posie one is my favorite :)

  6. I just did a Brilliant Earth style post too! I looove their stuff, that posie ring is calling my name! All great look inspirations, as always!


  7. so pretty!! love the inspired looks, too!


  8. what a cool thing you got to do!
    and i'm all about posie! right up my alley! :)

  9. Sara, this is so cool! Those outfits work perfectly with those rings!

  10. i love the outfit you put together for Jasmine

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  11. Congrats on the new job! That sounds so fun! So excited to start following along!


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