Friday, April 25, 2014

Favorite Things

{Mossimo Jacket via Poshmark, Bite lipstick in Lavender, Stila eyeliner in Lionfish, 
Sephora eyeliner in Black Lace, Urban Decay eyeliner in Black Velvet, 
Pop! Goes the Shadow eye shadow, Michael's trinket box, JewelMint rings

I've been wanting an olive jacket for about two years now, but could never find the right one. Either the sleeves were too long or the length was too long or for whatever reason I didn't like it, but then I was browsing the Poshmark app (get $5 when you sign up using the code BJXOA) and I saw this one being sold and I took a chance, and now I'm obsessed with it. 

This Color of the Year lipstick by Bite Beauty is absolute perfection! It's a perfect pinky-lavender color. It's a little sheer, but with a few swipes can be made more opaque. 

I also need to talk about this Stila eyeliner in Lionfish. Wow, this color! It's a beautiful bronze-brown liner. I tend to go for black eyeliner, but I saw this one on ThriftThick's Youtube channel and the next day I went to my Sephora store to check it out for myself. 

A few fun links:
♥ Rebecca of The Clothes Horse wrote about her thoughts on critiquing fashion. Her words rang true for me because fashion is self-expression and so she believes that we really shouldn't judge another person's personal fashion choices and preferences.

♥ Doing More. This post by Alissa of The Adored Life about feeling like you constantly need to do more was is so well-written and perfect.

♥ Your femininity is not defined by body hair. YES! TMI: As a girl who keeps it au naturale, I loved this post!

♥ By HSN, 4 overnight beauty products you should be using. I myself make sure I moisturize every single night! (And check out their skincare page for more great info.)

♥ I'm completely grossed out by snails, but these pictures are too cool not to share!

♥ This feminist article by a 12-year-old girl is freaking amazing!

♥ 10 things I've learned from watching movies!

♥ Sponsor love: No sponsors this month! Become a sponsor to get the word out about your blog or shop!

♥ Swap friends: Moda Dynasty, Chantilly, Chase All Your Dreams, Model Savings, All Things Natalie Christa, My Life as a Teacup & Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups.

♥ Fashion loves: green midi skirt, heart sweater, white crochet top, a pretty plum top, white lace skirt, heart cut-out peplum top, and black booties.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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  1. For how much did you get this jacket for, it's so smart
    I like the lip color a lot

  2. Im totally in love with the cute little box ^^



  3. i love that jacket!!

  4. That jacket is so cute! I really need to check out Poshmark!

    The Tiny Heart
    Starbucks Giveaway!

  5. Love all this Sara! The jacket is super cute--I've been looking for one like that in the longest time!
    The color of your lipstick is also so fab!
    Hope you're having a lovely Friday!xx

    ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ Creme de la Chic ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡

  6. LOVE everything!! My Stila eyeliner is my best friend right now!

  7. Love the olive jacket! I had one but managed to lose it somewhere between EWR and LAX. The asos midi you picked out is gorgeous, love the silhouette and color :)


  8. I'm so jealous that the 24/7 liner works for you! Even if I use primer AND setting powder it's a total melt down all over my face within several hours. The only liner that really stays for me is Lancome Khol.

    -- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  9. that jacket is super cute + love that lip color! so pretty.

  10. Oh, your favourite lipstick has indeed the perfect pink, dear Sara, I would love to own and use this lipstick, too! And your jacket is so cool.

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    International giveaway: Love & Peace

  11. I have that facemask stuff and I love it! We seem to be beauty product twins on a couple of occasions! :)

  12. This blog post is literally everything I want to try. I finally tried the Urban Decay lipstick and really liked it, what do you think of UD vs. Bite?

  13. Love the links you gave :) The lipstick is gorgeous, i love that color.

  14. Ohhh my gosh I wish we had a poshmark I absolutely love that jacket and that lipstick is to die for!

    Kristin xx

  15. Lovely post! I'm all for experimenting with lipsticks and that shade is absolutely divine! Loving that olive jacket too xxx

    Check out our new post at

  16. That olive green jacket is perfect! I've been searching for one too for a while and I really liked a Madewell one, but it was too expensive. I'm still on the hunt!

  17. Thanks so much! I love Madewell too, but everything is so expensive!

  18. You should see if you can download it if you have an iPhone!

  19. Thanks, Isabelle! I love both honestly! The Bite lipstick has a strange but pleasant scent to it that I like. I really don't know how to describe it other than perfume-y. Both are pigmented, though I think the UD ones are more pigmented, but I would also say that both are little drying. But it could also be the colors I've tried. If you want to try a really creamy and pigmented lipstick, I would try Sephora's line of cream lipsticks! :)

  20. Sorry! I have oily lids so instead of it melting down my face they tend to just disappear. I like this UD liner but it wasn't as pigmented as their other ones. The one that stays really well for me are the Stila and Sephora eyeliners.

  21. Thanks!! Sorry you lost your jacket!

  22. I love Stila eyeliner so much now that I discovered it! I want all the colors!

  23. You 100% should! Poshmark is wonderful and kind of addicting! Be sure to use the code when you sign up because then you get $5!

  24. I got it on Poshmark for $15. I love Poshmark because you're shopping people's closets and things are great prices!

  25. Martie @ SpunkyrellaApril 30, 2014 at 2:32 PM

    I get you on that olive jacket, hope I´ll find my ideal one soon too! That face mask looks appealing and the links are amazing as well, especially this 12 year old girl - WOW!

  26. Thanks for the shoutout! And I need to get my hands on an olive jacket like that! I've been trying to find one I like, with no luck.

  27. No problem! I hope you find an awesome olive jacket!


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