Monday, July 7, 2014

My 25 Before 26 List

Since my birthday was on June 22nd, I want to revisit my 24 Before 25 list to see how I did on this year's goals. I'm going to be honest and say that I pretty much forgot about this list, which accounts for why I succeeded in accomplishing just over half of them. Not too bad, but I would've liked to complete more of these goals. So that's the reason why some of these goals are repeated in my 25 Before 26. 

24 Before 25
1. Finish my novel
2. Get my first full-time job (it's part-time, but still counts)
3. Travel outside the country
4. Visit Jackie's new home in Virginia
5. Visit Lauren (upstate New York) and Sarah (Boston)
6. Walk to the post office more instead of driving
7. Visit the High Line & the Brooklyn Bridge
8. Try the 30 Day Shred
9. Read more classic novels
10. Clean out / sell books I don't want anymore
11. Organize all the notes I've scribbled down about my novel
12. Keep saving to pay off loans
13. Save my pennies to buy a DSLR in the future (thanks to all my birthday $$)
14. Get back to drawing
15. Lose 15 pounds / feel comfortable rockin' a bikini
16. Sew a skirt
17. Find a beer that I like
18. Make sure my plants (bamboo plant and moss terrarium FAIL!) don't die
19. Help my dad build a new deck
20. Go to another movie alone (saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty)
21. Use my camera more to capture my everyday life
22. Do more product reviews (and maybe book reviews too)
23. Continue seeing new fun exhibits and things in NYC
24. Meet new people (thanks to my job this is a major success!)

And now my new list:
25 Before 26
1. Finish my novel
2. Visit Jackie
3. Visit Lauren & Sarah
4. Go my cousin's wedding in Texas
5. See the High Line
6. See the Brooklyn Bridge
7. Have a group giveaway on my blog
8. Take a photography class
9. Meet Martie
10. Meet Naomi & Jason
11. Go to the gym at least twice a week (free work membership!)
12. Start a new series on my blog
13. Keep up with Kristin's awesome NovelTea book club 
14. See another movie alone
15. Learn easy smoothies recipes
16. Keep drinking at least two glasses of water a day
17. Make use of the library more
18. Visit more new-to-me local restaurants and places
19. Put money aside every month for my student loans
20. Find awesome birthday presents for everyone I love
21. Have fun this summer
22. Only buy new clothing that I really, really love
23. Keep doing more product reviews
24. Get better at talking to people
25. Wear lipstick more

What do you think of my goals?
What are some of your own goals?

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  1. Good ones! I always have the same with these lists, somehow I just keep on forgetting them.. But I'm planning to make one soon as well. Wearing lipstick more often would be on there as well. Seeing a movie on my own would be a first for me, I might put that one on my list as well. I like your list, since the goals are not unrealistic and seem to be a lot of fun!

  2. I always leave these lists hanging, but yours especially is so inspiring and motivating me to write my own this year to give it another go :)

  3. This is such a great list!! I should make one too :)


  4. These are great goals! Good luck achieving them this year. Also, happy belated birthday!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  5. Wear lipstick more.... DO IT. It's an easy way to build confidence in your appearance. Good luck on the student loans. I personally know how big a PITA they can be. And now that my husband is going back to school... yikes. You can do it!

  6. Looks like a great list! I really need to revisit my goals list too....which I totally forgot about lol


  7. Love this! I find that having lists of my goals helps me accomplish them (Especially if I post them on the interweb). Only buying clothes that I really, really love is definitely a goal I should probably be stealing from you lol

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  8. No. 10 made me smile!

    I love all of your goals, and I know you can accomplish anything you set your mind to!

    ♥ Naomi Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups

  9. As a list fan, I loved it.Gym membership is a great opportunity! Best wishes!

  10. oh what a great idea. I never kept a list of things I've accomplished. Seems like a great way to feel successful,m even with the smallest of details. I should have done this! haha

  11. It's never to late! It does make me feel accomplished to cross things off the list, and it can make you feel the same way too! :)

  12. Went to my new gym for the first time today and it was great!

  13. :) Aw, thanks!! I hope I can accomplish all of it!

  14. Yes! It really does help! I always know exactly where the list is and I love crossing things off of it! Definitely steal it! It's a good one!

  15. Thanks! I would love to see your goals!

  16. Hi Sarah!

    So My name is Hannah, and I blog on my corner of the world at: <- I was wondering if maybe you can take a look? Please comment for advise, ideas or tips, I really like talking, and I really like sharing, and I LOVE to write, so that's why I opened up this blog. Its about fashion and other tips and ideas in everyday life. Please comment and let me know what you honestly think!

  17. Thanks! I have so many lipsticks, so it's a waste not to wear them! Yes, student loans are a HUGE pain, but it's something that needs to be done unfortunately.

  18. Thanks! Yes, you definitely should! I would love to see your list!

  19. Thanks so much! I would love to see what you have on your goal list!

  20. Thanks! Yes, I really need to make sure I really, really, really love it before I buy it!

  21. Thank you, Anne! If I make them too unrealistic, it would just make me feel bad at the end for not having accomplished them, but if they are fun things that I want to do / need to do it makes it a lot easier! I would love to see your list!

  22. Hi, Hannah! Thanks for commenting!

  23. well fiest of all i liked the idea of making a list , and congrats sweets , u got a lot done from it despite the fact they you forgot about it

    girl how did u manage to watxh a movie alone, i can never do that4Keep in touch

  24. Those are some good goals. #22 and #24 are things I need to work on, myself. This post actually reminded me of my own list of goals and I've got about six more months until my birthday so now's a good time for me to take a peek at the list.

  25. So I went to the High Line when we were in NYC. I don't know why but I was just so happy there. It was SUCH a cool place! Next time we are headed there I will be sure to email you because I want to meet you!

  26. I need to drink more water too! But you did pretty good on your 24 before 25 list for forgetting about it.. :P Good luck with this new set of goals and I hope this next year is full of fantastic things and fun adventures :)


  27. I love bucket lists :) this has inspired me to make my own - I currently have a small scale one for summer (like where shall I eat cake next? type) but I want to make proper goals to work on too and I like the variation of your goals - they effect a lot of aspects of your life :) good luck with it!!

  28. Yesss I have been here a whole year and you need to visit me!

  29. Haha, I love that ! Where shall I eat cake next? That's wonderful! I would love to see your list of goals!

  30. Everyone tells me the High Line is amazing! I need to go like yesterday! Yes, definitely let me know next time! We can grab lunch together! :)

  31. #22 for my wallet and #24 because my job is social media coordinator, so I go to all of these events and have to interact with people! Good luck with your own list! :)

  32. I would love to see your list of goals, Pooja!

  33. Martie @ SpunkyrellaJuly 13, 2014 at 9:53 AM

    OMG I am no.9 on your list? The pressure´s on :) I can´t believe I made it on your list - I hope we make it happen, girl and well, I hope I can live up to the anticipation :)


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