Monday, July 28, 2014

Review: Piccing App

I was asked to give my first impression of the Piccing app. I'd never heard of the app before, so I was curious about it. The best way to describe it is: Pinterest where you can both pin (or picc) and buy things.

Here's how it works: First download the free app. After making a profile, you can "picc" pictures from the homepage or from browsing all of the various categories. Piccing a picture means that it's on your profile (much like pinning a picture to your Pinterest board). You can also search for any kind of picture imaginable using the search bar, like lipstick or braid. If you want to add a picture, you can upload one on the website or from the app
Some of the pictures are also "marked" with little orange circles. This means that you can tap a mark and browse similar items, like a plaid shirt or glasses or a floral skirt. See something you like in a picture? Tap the mark, browse the items, click on any item you want, and it will take you to the site  (out of the app) where you can buy it. 

You can also "mark" pictures yourself, but I think the app needs an update because it wouldn't let me mark anything. It was just a blank white page. 
What I like: I think this is a fun Pinterest-like app where you can picc pictures of inspiration for later and also buy similar items all in one app. It's easy to use and browse and I like looking through all of the pictures, especially home decor and fashion. 

What needs work: I currently can't mark any pictures. When an picc is marked, some of the items that you can browse aren't similar to what's in the picture. In a home decor picture, a floral pillow was marked, but there was also toilet seats and non-floral pillows marked for that picture. It would be better if the items you browse were more similar to the item marked in the picture.  

Will you try this app?
What new apps are you using right now?

**This post is sponsored by Piccing, but all opinions are my own.**

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  1. Sounds like an interesting app, I haven't tried it but sounds like it needs some improvements... Maybe I'll give it a go when it has had some updates :)

    I do love hearing about new apps though, thanks for sharing! :)


  2. This sounds pretty interesting! Will check it out soon ^^



  3. It's an interesting concept but with some of the glitches I think I'll be sticking to Pinterest!

    The Tiny Heart

  4. Never heard of this app but it sounds cool. I find that the beginning versions of most things aren't always up to par but hopefully this one will get better with time!

  5. Honestly I neither heard about this app before, thanks for sharing this is indeed an interesting concept :)

    xx from Germany, Rena

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  6. I never heard of it either. It looks neat, but I think I'll stay away from it, too much temptation to buy lots of things I probably don't need.

  7. Yes, that's definitely true! I'm sure they'll fix stuff and add new things and whatnot.

  8. Martie @ SpunkyrellaJuly 29, 2014 at 2:03 PM

    Never heard of it. The circle-thing reminds me a lot of the newly launched Pippit which is nice btw. But I can only agree with the other commenters, it´s way too tempting! And if I really like a pin on Pinterest, I´d research it anyways ;)


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