Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Books & Looks: Kayly

Say hello to Kayly!

Book: Saga series by Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples

I couldn't pick a favorite book if my life depended on it, but Saga is one of my favorite new series. I was immediately drawn in by the art. I love the illustration style, which I find to be a great blend of realism and cel shading. The expressions on the characters are my favorite part - just bursting with life. Often times I find myself skimming over the art and just reading the story, but that was not the case with Saga! I took the time to soak in every page. And the story holds up to the art. It can be summed up as an epic adventure of a family trying to survive, but there is so much more. Every character has their own story, and I love learning more bits and pieces with each volume! 

Look: My look tends to be really simple. I live in jeans and tees, and tend to favor darker colors. In the fall, I rock a lot of long sleeves and sweaters in the hopes of maintaining some form of warmth (though usually  I still have to pile a sweatshirt on top!). Lucky for me, fall brings out one of my favorite parts of the fashion world - boots! This particular pair is my favorite. I originally bought them because they were too good a deal to pass up, but after wearing them a few times I loved them even more. Despite being heels, they are actually really comfortable and easy to walk in! I love being able to throw them on for a day's errands without feeling like my feet are going to fall off afterward. 

Thank you, Kayly!
Have you read the Saga series?

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  1. I love her classic fall clothes, especially those boots!

  2. Had such a blast doing the photoshoot - thanks for the feature! Can't wait to see more in the series!

  3. I have to admit that I didn't read this saga series ... thank for the tip!

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  4. so fun. I have not gotten into this series but I know people who do like it!

  5. Love these photos of Kayly!


  6. I love this series! I really admire how you incorporate your love of books with your love of fashion :)

  7. Kayly looks great! I love how cozy this outfit looks, especially in this fall setting. I've been meaning to pick up Saga for the longest. I've heard so many good things about it!

  8. Me too! Isn't the backdrop amazing?!

  9. Thank you, Yvonne! I would love for you to join the series as well!

  10. I've heard that it's a good series!

  11. This is so cool!! I have heard of the Saga series before, but I never read them before! I also live in darker colors and tend to be pretty simple as well! I love this look!


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