Friday, October 31, 2014

Favorite Things

Urban Outfitters ring holder, Owl mug & letter from a friend}


Can we talk about this scarf? I know I've mentioned how soft and warm it is before, but I need to mention it again. It's soft and it's warm and the fact that it's as big as a blanket is a huge plus. 

If you're wondering what that weird gray thing is it's a computer riser. It lifts my computer to stand at a comfortable angle, so that it's easier on my hands and wrists to type all day at work. You might want to think about getting one. (By the way, it comes as a pack of two; one for home, one for work!)

In January of 2011, I went to Israel on birthright and became friends with Shaked, who was an Israeli soldier at the time. Two weeks ago, we decided to become pen pals and she sent me her first letter a few days ago! Yay!

A few fun links:

 What's on your Never To Do list?

 Lauren Conrad's DIY mermaid costume is freaking awesome!

 Daniel Radcliffe is a rap genius!

 What is feminist makeupping?

 As the Bird Flies is chock full of inspiration and tips for NaNoWriMo: Writing checklist, writing playlist, how to get a NaNoWriMo head start, and how to write quickly. Who else is doing NaNoWriMo? 

 Hogwarts background sounds -- perfect to listen to while writing. 

 Sponsor love:

Are you doing anything fun for Halloween?
I'm dressing up as Mary Poppins at work today!

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  1. scarves like this are life saves in winters and I so want a hand for storage like yourd

    Happy halloween


  2. Great links! I loved the mermaid costume... and ur owl mug ^^



  3. That scarf is so pretty! I need to find myself something similar but I've not found one I'm crazy about yet.
    I love when people post a load of links! YAY! All the reading things!

  4. I'm doing NaNoWriMo too! SO excited. I love that mug.

  5. Love that scarf - and owl mug!

  6. I'm doing NaNoWriMo! Thanks for the As the Bird Flies links, and also for the Hogwarts sounds.

  7. I love that you're dressing up at Mary Poppins. I don't celebrate Halloween but would've gone for the mermaid costume over at L.C if I did, so very pretty!

  8. I love the scarf and the owl mug! The weird gray thing for your computer sounds awesome... I need to get me one of those!! :) Have a happy November!


  9. I understand that you like this scarf so much, dear Sara, as even it looks so beautiful and I'm convinced this scarf is so versatile <3

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  10. That scarf is so cute! Now I have to check out Target's scarves :) Hope you had a happy Halloween!

    The Tiny Heart
    Visa Giveaway!

  11. Thanks!! Yeah I had a great Halloween! Hope you had fun too!

  12. Thanks, Jessica! The computer riser is really helpful!

  13. I decided instead to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast! I love that mermaid costume too! So pretty!

  14. Yay!! Hopefully we can get through it! :)

  15. I love a lot of links too!! Thanks!

  16. Thanks!! You should definitely get a hand jewelry holder!

  17. I'm doing NaNoWriMo! It's my first time and I'm so EXCITED! Lauren Conrad's DIY mermaid costume was so CUTE (I love her so much!) I really love that ring holder, I saw a similar one at Target a while back but they don't seem to sell it there anymore.

  18. I'm also doing NaNoWriMo! I've done it for about 4 years now, but I only finished it once! I'm going to try to finish it this time too!! I love that scarf and that ring holder too! I'm totally off to Target now to get one of those scarfs!!! The pen pal sounds so awesome, I used to have one in Norway for a while, it was so nice writing back and forth!

  19. that ring holder is so awesome!!

  20. I loved your links! I hope you had a wonderful Halloween! :)

    ♥ Naomi Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups

  21. Thanks! I hope you had a great Halloween!

  22. Good luck with NaNoWriMo! I'm not being very strict with it this year. I'm pushing myself to write as possible, but not with a number of words in mind, which for me makes it a little easier. Mostly I just want to finish that damn novel! lol

  23. Good luck with NaNoWriMo!!! You can do it!! Thanks!

  24. I always enjoy these posts! Seems like there are lots of little things I come across that make me happy too, it's nice to have these in one place. i FINALLY got a plaid blanket scarf and I can. not. wait. to wear it tomorrow and every day for the rest of the season :) yours is perfect, I even looked it up on the Target website and it seems to be sold out everywhere! Not that I need another now, I would just like it :)

    Hope you are having a great week, Sara!

    ♥ perfectly Priya


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