Friday, October 30, 2015

Favorite Things {October 2015}

Form and Flux Dusty Bookshelf Candle, Harry Potter Illustrated, Owl Necklace (gift) & Pencils (gift)}

We need to talk about the new illustrated Harry Potter for a sec. Ready? OMG OMG OMG! I went to the store to pick up and right in front of me was a table covered in Harry Potter editions. It was like a golden light was shining upon it and angels were singing! Or maybe it was just in my head. I grabbed one, held it to my chest, and jumped up and down. The colorful illustrations inside are so beautiful and anyone who loves Harry Potter should get one. 

I got a Fitbit Charge last week in order to help track my health and I really like it. It tracks my steps, how many calories I burn, the distance I walk, calories in and out, how well I sleep, and more. I've also started walking on my lunch break in an effort to lose some weight. 

My dad got me that tiny owl necklace and it's my new favorite. Never. Taking. It. Off. 

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 Sponsor love:

  • Why have a boring, basic hoodie when you can have one that's beautifully embroidered? Stickt takes organic hoodies and embellishes them with intricate designs. My two favorites: Wanderlust and Constellations
  • If graphic tees are your thing, you should check out the fun collection of tees at Shop4Ever. The bookworm emoji tee is my favorite. 
  • You can never go wrong with handmade artisan jewelry from CyKLu, especially when it's inspired by nature. I can't get enough of this owl ring and these butterfly earrings
  • The jewelry in Cait Johnson's Chloe and Isabel shop looks fit for a princess. And who doesn't want to feel like a princess? In love with this Bouqut Rouge Neckace and this Coastline Statement Bracelet

Happy Halloween weekend!

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