Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My Six Favorite Booktubers

There's nothing better than grabbing a snack and spending an hour watching Youtube. Even better is watching reviews of books from awesome #booktubers. I've discovered so many fantastic books through book bloggers and booktubers that I've gone on to read and love. Watching these six gals makes me so happy because 1. they're awesome 2. they're talking about books and bookish things and 3. I feel like I'm catching up with old friends. 

If you're looking to follow booktubers, I would highly recommend these cool ladies.

ONE | Super Space Chick
I, of course, have to start with Kristin of Super Space Chick (she also has an awesome blog) because le duh. She's awesome and sweet and I love how easily excited she is by the things she loves (books, Funko Pops, video games, Spider-Gwen, Daredevil, manga, and much, much more). I always look forward to her videos and her blog posts. I'm so thrilled that I met her in person in April and then again at BookCon in May. 

TWO | Peruse Project
Regan of Peruse Project is too cool for school (she seriously is always rocking a red lip and tousled hair) and reads so much YA fantasy that I'm jealous of her speed-reading skills. One of my favorite things about her videos is how concise, but interesting her descriptions of the books and her reviews are. She somehow makes me want to read every single book. 

THREE | Read by Zoe
Zoe of Read by Zoe is so enthusiastic and adorable. Not only does she do review videos (and I like how honest she is with her reviews), but she also creates a lot of fun videos (aka favorites, challenges, and more). Her videos have a bit of quirkiness and silliness to them, which makes them so fun to watch. 

FOUR | My Life as a Teacup
Kristin of My Life as a Teacup (follow her amazing blog too) is the English coolest teacher I know. Her videos make me feel like I just stepped into her room and we're chatting about books over tea and cookies. I like that most of her reviews are in-depth ones, so by the end you'll know if this is the book for you or not. Also, Kristin's voice is so calming! 

FIVE | Books and Quills
One of the reasons I like watching Sanne of Books and Quills is that she has an eclectic taste in books, like I do. Most of the booktubers in this list read mostly YA fantasy, but Sanne mixes it up with contemporary, classics, non-fiction, and more. Another reason I like her is because her reviews have a conversational tone to them. 

SIX | Little Book Owl
Caz of Little Book Owl is so enthustiastic about books that I swear it's contageous. I'm always smiling when I watch a video of hers. I love how excitable and spunky and fun she is. And since we're both obsessed with owls we're obviously destined to be friends. 

Who are your favorite booktubers?
Any booktuberes you recommend?

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