Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Outfit: Lace & Wood (With MEKU Wood Watch)

I seem to have a new collection going: wood watches! I have my cherrywood Jord watch and now this black sandalwood MEKU watch. Wearing a wood watch makes me classy and unique because you don't see too many wooden watches around. Metal watches are so last year, right? 

Let me start with what I like about this MEKU watch: it's lightweight, feminine because the straps are thin and the watch face is small, and I really love the dark color, which means this watch literally goes with every outfit imaginable. 

Now the downsides: I had some trouble getting the links out in order to make the watch fit my wrist. The metal pins keeping the links together are hard to push out, but eventually I prevailed (with the help of my dad of course). Also, this metal clasp isn't as easy to put on as the Jord one is. 

On a totally unrelated note: it's sweater weather, which makes me SO excited!

**I received this product for free. All opinions are my own.**

Are you a fan of wood watches?

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