Friday, November 6, 2015

How To Read More

I'm currently at 70 books on Goodreads! Before this year, the highest number of books I read was 35, which is great, but for me 70 is very impressive and the year isn't even over yet. So how did I double my reading in less than a year? I decided I was going to do the following six things at the beginning of the year (instead of putting the books under my pillow and hoping my brain absorbed the words through osmosis) and it turns out they work really, really well. 


ONE | Only pick books that really, truly interest you. 

Don't pick books that are best sellers or won a prize or think they make you look intelligent unless you really, really, really want to read it. Otherwise, you'll get halfway through and stop. If a book genuinely interests you, you'll want to read it and you'll think about reading it when you're not.

TWO | Read every chance you get. 

Have a few minutes in the morning? Read a few pages. Get a lunch hour? Read a chapter or two. Going to the bathroom? Bring a book with you. Stuck in traffic every day? Listen to an audiobook. Know you're going to be waiting for a friend at a coffee shop or waiting for the mechanic while he/she fixes your car? Stick a book in your bag. I personally like reading for a half hour right before bed. So calming.
THREE | Know which book you're going to read next. 

I like having an idea of which book I'll be reading next. I generally have an immediate to-read list of two or three picks and will choose one of those. Then I want to finish the book I'm reading so I can read the next one and on and on.  

FOUR | Stop reading that horrible book. 

You picked up a dud. It happens. Don't let it deter you from reading more. Throw that book out the window (a la Silver Linings Playbook) and pick up a book you've always wanted to read. That new awesome book is waiting for you. 

FIVE | Re-read a book that brings you joy. 

Yep, it totally counts. If you love a book so much that you want to read it again, then why not?

SIX | Put your phone on airplane mode, turn off the TV, and grab some tea. 

Last resort is to cut yourself off from the world (Twitter and #bookstagram can wait an hour) and get some much-needed reading done. Curl up in your favorite spot, whether that's on your bed or the window seat at a Starbucks, pour a cup of your favorite drink, have snacks on hand, and crack open that book. 

Go forth and read!
How do you find more time to read? 

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