Thursday, November 5, 2015

Inspired By: Scream Queens

Who's been watching Scream Queens? It's a horror-comedy TV show focused on the members of the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority house, who are being terrorized by a red devil-clad killer. It's completely over-the-top and ridiculous and yet it's also hilarious and quite the fashion inspiration. 

Scream Queens -- Chanel

Chanel (Emma Roberts) is the president of the Kappa house and she believes that only the best girls should be allowed into her sorority. She has minions that she calls by her own name and makes them match her always. 

Chanel is obsessed with pastels, so wear a pale blue dress, blue earrings, gold bracelets, a heart-shaped bag, and blue heels. Or for something with a more modern flair, put on a nude crop top, a lavender lace skirt, a pink necklace, and nude sandals. 

Scream Queens -- Grace
Grace (Skyler Samuels) is a legacy (her mother attended the sorority before her) and a Kappa house pledge, who wants to solve the mystery of who's murdering students. It turns out to be harder than she thought when her father shows up on campus to teach and keep an eye on her. 

For a modern-meets-70s vibe, put on a striped sweater, jeans, newsboy cap, and nude oxfords. Or wear a red sweater, wide leg jeans, cat watch, and nude booties. 

Scream Queens -- Zayday
Zayday (Keke Palmer) is streetwise, has a genius IQ, and is roommates with Grace. She challenges Chanel for presidency of Kappa to be the first black president. 

Zayday has a laid back and bohemian style, so throw on a eye print crop top, black necklace, pale blue pants, and blue Keds. Or put on an orange kimono, black lace tank top, printed navy pants, and printed flats. 

Scream Queens -- Hester
Hester (Lea Michele) is an awkward girl with scoliosis. She's a Kappa house pledge who is obsessed with Chanel and becomes one of her new minions and starts dressing like Chanel. 

Wear a geek-tastic outfit of a purple jacket, a cat tee, jeans, and polka dot sneakers. Or wear a Chanel-like outfit of a blue necklace, white dress, heart earrings, and nude heels. 

Have you been watching Scream Queens?

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