Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Outfit: Burgundy & Chai

I've loved the color burgundy for years, way before it was called maroon or wine or oxblood (by the way, who thought this name was a good idea?). In fact, my favorite colors have always been jewel tones and the classic "fall" colors, like navy, emerald, mustard, and plum, and I wear them all year round because why only reserve these awesome colors for fall? 

Totally unrelated but the Dunkin Donuts vanilla chai latte is my new drink obsession. 

This outfit is one of three featured in Her Umbrella's new Winter 2015 Issue! I took three outfit pictures inspired by fun winter things: snowball fights, holiday parties, and snowflakes. When opportunities for snowball fights come up, I'll be throwing this hat, these gloves, and these lace-up boots on.

What's your favorite "fall" color?

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