Wednesday, November 18, 2015

#WritersLife Tag

I saw this #WritersLife Tag on The Quiet People and had to participate. A tag about being a writer? Count me in! So I interviewed myself about writing since it's NaNoWriMo time. So without further ado...

Write Fuel: What Do You Eat/Drink While Writing?

I'm not sure why, but writing makes me really thirsty. It shouldn't because I'm sitting in one place and the only part of me that's moving are my fingers, but I tend to keep a large tumbler of ice cold water next to me. Or sometimes iced tea or soda if I feel like something different. 

Write Sounds: What Do You Listen to While Writing?

I usually create a Spotify playlist of songs whose mood or lyrics remind me in some way of the novel I'm currently working on. It helps me really immerse myself in the scene and not get distracted by outside occurrences (aka my brothers watching TV or noisy people at Panera, which is a place I like to write sometimes). 

Write Vice: What’s Your Most Debilitating Distraction?

TV. Instagram. The WHOLE ENTIRE INTERNET. But mostly TV; I tend to write on the couch while my family is watching a show and I'll get distracted by what's on the screen and then realize that I haven't been writing for ten minutes. 

Write Horror: What’s The WORST Thing That’s Ever Happened To You While Writing?

Two things: 1. I spilled some water on my keyboard and freaked out, but luckily nothing was damaged (still using that computer now). 2. My computer went black from overheating and freaked out that my computer had died, but again luckily it was nothing. I wasn't worried about my work because I keep it all on Dropbox. 

Write Joy: What’s the Best Thing That’s Ever Happened To You Whilst Writing?

The best thing is when I really get into a scene and the rest of the world completely melts away and it's like I'm in the story instead of just jotting it down on paper. BLISS!

Write Crew: Who Do You Communicate With (OR NOT) While Writing?

Um, the Gods of Writing? I communicate with the story inside my head, I guess. 

Writing Secret: What’s Your Secret To Success (Or Hidden Flaw?)

Outline your story ahead of time! Even if you don't follow it exactly, use it as a guide while you're writing. I'm currently using an outline for my NaNoWriMo novel and even though it's not detailed it really helps to know what you're going to write next. I guess my hidden flaw is that I HATE the idea of writing and don't look forward to it until I'm actually writing and then I LOVE it. 

Write-spiration: What Always Makes You Productive?

When I'm super excited to write a scene! Then I'm all like, When can I write?! When I can I write?! The idea of having a finished product makes me productive (but also scares the hell out of me because then I'll have to edit it!). Talking to people about the fact that I'm writing a novel makes me want to write it more. 

Write Peeve: What’s One Thing That Writers Do (or You Do!) That’s annoying?

Right now? Talk incessantly about NaNoWrimo! (I know, I've been walking it about too much lately.) It's annoying when writers talk about how amazing their work is. Just from experience (years of creative writing classes), it's usually the writers that are too into their own work that write horribly. 

Write Words: Share One Sentence From A Project:

This is a cool sentence: "The sound of sniffling was replaced by the soothing but solemn noise of raindrops hitting the tops of black umbrellas." 

Your turn: Answer one of the questions in the comments section!
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