Monday, November 14, 2016

Bookish Accessories Wishlist

Guys, it is good to be a bookworm right now! More people are buying real books than ebooks at the moment, there's a new Barnes & Noble (that has a bar!) opening near me, and there are so many cool shops coming out with awesome bookish items right now, like jewelry, tote bags, prints, clutches, and more. I'm pretty sure us book nerds are taking over the world, which makes me really happy. Book nerds unite! Below are some super cute accessories inspired by books that I love, especially the typewriter necklace and the Hogwarts Coffee Tumbler. 
Bookish Accessories
Bookish Accessories:
 Fable and Black's Read More Books Print
 CS Literary Jewelry's Anne of Green Gables Ring
 SmashTat's Marauder's Map Temporary Tattoos
 Modcloth's Quote Earrings
 Erstwhilder's Poetry and Purrs Resin Pin
 Modcloth's Stenography-Spirited Necklace
 Chronicle Books' Typewriter Jewelry Dish
 Peaches and Pebbles' Book Flower Ring
 psBesitos' Wizard of Oz Book Clutch
 Fable and Black's Once Upon A Time Tote
 Knot Knirvana's Hogwarts Coffee Tumbler
 Liselle Made's Hippogriff Feather Quill
 Modcloth's Shakespeare Socks

What bookish items do you love?
Any shops not featured that you like?

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