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Pocket Book Reviews {November 2016}

I HIT THE GOAL OF 50,000 FOR NANOWRIMO! *screams and dances in excitement* However, I haven't finished the first draft of my novel yet. I still have about 5,000 or so words to go, so I'm still writing every day until I finish. I'm so close, guys!!!

Because I was writing like a maniac this whole month, sacrificing sleep and sanity and focusing on nothing else, I barely read anything. But the three books I did read were incredible!

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Original Screenplay
♥ (5 of out 5)

Written by J.K. Rowling; When Magizoologist Newt Scamander arrives in New York, he intends his stay to be just a brief stopover. However, when his magical case is misplaced and some of Newt's fantastic beasts escape, it spells trouble for everyone.

I have to say, I have a better appreciation for the movie after reading this book! I enjoyed the movie immensely, but reading it made me like it even more. 

I got to "see" the little details and jokes that I didn't quite catch while watching the movie. A few examples: When Mary Lou asks Newt is he's a "seeker of truth," but he says he's more of a chaser. Or when the group enters the speakeasy: "Every witch or wizard criminal in New York is here, their wanted posters hanging proudly on the walls." I love that! 

And sometimes you just need to read what's happening to really know what the characters are thinking. While the actors are fantastic, a look doesn't fully convey what's going on at times. Reading this one moment in particular really helped: "Jacob tightens his grip on Queenie. She reads his mind and her expression changes to one of wonderment and tenderness as she sees what he went through in the war. Queenie is moved and appalled. Very slowly, she raises a hand and touches his cheek." Definitely needed to read these words to know what was going on in this touching scene.

I almost wish I'd read the book first actually. So if you were a little iffy on the movie, I would recommend reading the screenplay.

My one disappointment with the movie and book was Tina. When I heard she was an Auror I was looking forward to following her because I was expecting an outspoken, badass woman, but she hardly said anything and she was really just a love interest for Newt and a way to introduce us to Queenie. I'm really hoping we get to know her better and that she'll grow to be a stronger character. 

Overall, an awesome read and a great way to dive back into the Wizarding World!

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Giant Days, Vol. 3
♥ (5 of out 5)

Written by John Allison and Max Sarin; Continuing their first semester at university, fast friends Susan, Esther, and Daisy want to find their footing in life. The girls, along with their male hall-mates, Ed and McGraw find that college is more than academics and bad microwavable meals. Add some pub hopping, hookups, breakups and political scandal this might just be the most eventful first semester  ever.

Oh the drama! Giant Days always makes me smile and laugh and wish that I could be friends with all of the characters! They're so quirky! The whole voting storyline was really interesting, especially sine it created some drama with Susan and McGraw, but I wish it had a better ending. I feel like it kind of got dropped very randomly. But the storyline with Esther's old party girl friend from her hometown was hilarious and fun!

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The Woods, Vol. 5: The Horde
♥ (5 of out 5)

Written by James Tynion IV, Michael Dialynas, and Josan Gonzalez; Time flies when you're fighting for your life. Over a year has passed since Bay Point Preparatory High School found themselves countless light years away in the middle of an ancient, primordial wilderness. Against all odds, they’ve built their own civilization and made contact with other humans who have inhabited the planet for many years prior. But the crew finds themselves divided, choosing sides in a war that has been raging for hundreds of years.

HOLY F*CK! This series is so damn good and gets better with every issue! The absolute best part of this volume was the drama between Calder and his older brother Casey, and the flashbacks about them. And the big reveal about what Casey was really up to was terrifying and had some MAJOR ramifications! I loved that Karen stepped up in a big way too. Very much looking forward to seeing what happens next!

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What did you read this month?

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