Friday, November 11, 2016

Review: Wilfred Wax Candle Shop

My candle collection is getting way out of hand, but I don't even care! I'm obsessed with candles and I'm not afraid to yell it from the rooftops. My new candle obsession that I'm so happy to share with you is Wilfred Wax

If you like fandom-inspired soy candles with great packaging (I seriously love their no-fuss labels!), then you NEED to give Wilfred Wax's Etsy shop a look. I love candles that have a powerful scent, so that the moment you take off the lid the scent wafts up to you. To me, that's when you know it's an awesome candle and all of their candles do that. I have seven Wilfred Wax's candles and I can tell you that I 100% love every single one and burn one if not every day then every other day. I personally love burning a candle while writing. 

Of their candles, I have Dreamy Midsummer, In A Nutshell (Nutella-inspired candle, guys), Sweet Chai O'Mine, Steamed & Frothed, Halfling HillWon-Won (Ron Weasley-inspired!), and their new holiday candle Merri-Mint Mocha. They also have wax melt versions of all their candles in case you prefer that. 

Wilfred Wax is a new candle shop that just started in February of this year, but you'd think they've been in business for years because their candles and tarts smell fantastic, the scents are strong, their labels and packaging are professional, and the owners, Kenyon and Michelle, are wonderful and cool people. Their candles are made with all-natural, American-grown soy wax that produce a strong fragrance.

Want a candle or five of your own? Use my code SINCERELYSARA10 for 10% off!

(P.S. -- Follow them on Instagram for giveaways and sales!)

Which of their candles do you want?

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