Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Outfit: Blush It Up

I've been wanting an olive blazer for a while now, but never really sought to find one, and then I was out shopping with my best buds spotted this comfy jacket. Totally clothing fate! That's a thing, right? And you know what olive goes well with? Pantone's Color of the Year: Rose Quartz! 

If you're looking for an inexpensive olive blazer, here are some options for you: this ruched sleeve one, this open-front one, this drapey one, this collarless, cropped one, and this crochet-trim one

Since November is almost over, here are things I'm looking forward to come December:

  • Not writing every single day. I love writing, but doing it every day for NaNoWriMo is a lot for me. Though I guess I shouldn't hate on it since it's gotten me this far! I'm currently at 40,000 words! *screams in disbelief*
  • Editing! Can you believe it? I hardly can. I usually hate editing, but I'm looking forward to printing out this book, cutting unnecessary words, and adding some more depth to it.
  • Having more time to read! I've hardly read anything this month. I've only completed one book so far this book. Very depressing.
  • Having time to be a lazy ass and binge-watch shows on Netflix! Duh.
  • Shopping for fun gifts for my friends and family and getting into the holiday spirit. 
  • Star Wars: Rogue One. 'Nuff said. 
Jacket: Wet Seal | Top: via Poshmark | Jeans: American Eagle
Bag: Target | Shoes: DSW

What are you looking forward to in December?

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