Thursday, November 13, 2014

Inspired By: Selfie

The TV show Selfie, which is based on Pygmalion and My Fair Lady, is about Eliza, a self-obsessed young woman who shares every part of her life on social media. She has thousands of "friends," but no one who is really there for her, so she turns to Henry, a marketing guru, who decides to help her "rebrand" and connect with people better. 

This show is completely ridiculous, but also hilarious and charming. Lately it's been a good mood lifter whenever I've been feeling overwhelmed. Sadly though it was officially cancelled last week.

Eliza Dooley
Eliza Dooley

Eliza (Karen Gillian) is the best sales rep at KinderKare Pharmaceuticals and has over 300,000 "friends" on social media who follow her every move, but Eliza comes to realize that she has no friends in real life, no one she can actually count on. She turns to Henry to essentially make her a better person and they become friends along the way. 

Eliza likes dark colors, layering, and very short skirts, so put on a black moto jacket, a white blouse, a gold belt, a black asymmetrical mini skirt, polka dot tights, and black wedges. Or wear something more girly: a metallic dress, a pretty necklace, a silver belt, and pointed toe heels. 

Henry Higgs
Henry Higgs
Henry (John Cho) is a marketing and rebranding genius at KinderKare Pharmaceuticals and agrees, albeit hesitantly at first, to help Eliza connect better with the people around her. He doesn't understand her social media addiction. 

Since Henry is stern and inflexible, so he wears strict and professional clothing: a navy blazer, navy trousers, a light blue collared shirt, a gold watch, and black loafers. Or maybe go a little more casual in a gray blazer, a blue gingham shirt, jeans, and blue suede shoes. 

Charmonique Whitaker
Charmonique (Da'Vine Joy Randolph) is the receptionist at KinderKare. She has a fun but tough and outgoing personality. She has a young son and befriends Eliza through Henry's "rebranding" technique of her saying hello to people. 

Charmonique loves bright colors and geometric patterns, so wear an orange printed top, a black pencil skirt, a colorful scarf, and black pumps. Or don a geometric blue dress, a gold necklace, a gold stars and moon cuff, and nude heels. 

Bryn (Allyn Rachel) is Eliza's hipster neighbor, who is part of a book club and has real friends, which Eliza is jealous of. In the first episode, Bryn and her friends help Eliza get ready for a wedding and Eliza realizes what she's been missing out on. 

Bryn wears lots of prints and bright colors: put on a bird print blouse, a red skirt, glasses, red stud earrings, and anke-strap pointed toe leopard flats. Or wear a dark floral dress, a dark blue cardigan, a sparkly beaded belt, pale pink watch, and black heels. 

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  1. really like Eliza's outfit you have put together

    nice jacket

    keep in touch

  2. That's so sad it was cancelled! Do you know why?

  3. Probably due to the small (but loyal) number of people who watched it.

  4. The metallic dress in the first look is so pretty! I never watched this show but some people that I follow on twitter were upset it was cancelled! Sucks when a show you like gets cut. :(


  5. I know it got cancelled, but I still need to watch this.
    I love that last set of outfits - that is exactly my style!

  6. It's such a great show! I wish they hadn't cancelled it!


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