Monday, November 17, 2014

Inspiration: Gingham + Sponsor: Zuri Zuri by Flora

Who else thinks of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz when they see blue gingham? I grew up watching it since it's my mom's favorite movie. Anytime I see someone in blue gingham, I feel like they should be walking down a yellow brick road. Anyone else? 

Gingham seems to the just as popular cousin to plaid this season. This print seems a bit softer and more feminine, but it's equally versatile. Look at all of the ways you can wear it! A gingham shirt for everyday, a gingham dress that can be dressed up or down, fancy gingham pants, and you could even go for gingham heels or a coat if you're bold. How do you wear it?

P.S. -- Inspired By: Dorothy Must Die!

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  1. In love your blog, I always learn new things about fashion... I love this print but never knew it was called gingham haha thanks! 😉


  2. Not a huge fan of Gingham or Plaid but I love how they have styled it!

    Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Love the combination of this print with the classic trench - what a gorgeous idea! x

  4. I love how classic and sweet looking gingham is. I picked up a button-up like everyone else, but those pants are to die for! Oh, now that I'm thinking about it, I also have a gingham skirt that I would love to warm up and rough up for Winter.

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  5. the shcek trens is looking so good, happy to see it back in trend

    Keep in touch

  6. oohhh I love the gingham with the trench coat!


  7. I love ALL those outfits! The top left one, though - I feel if I wore that it would look all kinds of wrong. But she looks sooo good!

  8. Gingham is one of my all-time favorite patterns! I wish I could have all of these outfits.

  9. I always think of Dorothy when I see blue gingham! I love the gingham dress that The College Prepster is wearing in the bottom of the collage!

  10. I'm in love with the first look with the pattern mixing! I'm usually not a gingham fan, but I like the looks you picked, I might have to give it another try.


  11. I love gingham and plaid! Love all these looks!

  12. Thanks! I'm glad you like these looks!

  13. Thanks! Man, I wish I could pull that look off too!

  14. I know, I totally love those pants!!

  15. You're very welcome! Thanks so much!

  16. i'm not a huge fan of gingham because sometimes it cal look a lot like a tablecloth! But when its done right it can be really pretty.

  17. You are so good! Here are more inspiration ideas :)


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