Monday, June 11, 2012

Beauty & Hair Looks I Love

Right now, I'm loving ways to keep my hair up in the heat, bronze smokey eyes, bright pink, red lips, and ombre nails.   What beauty looks are you into right now? Anything you've seen on other people that you want to try? Personally, I like the knotted headband look (pictured below), but don't think I could pull it off. Have you tried it?

 Knotted headband
{unknown} {Also seen on Kendi}

 Twisted Ponytail

 Smokey eye

 Bright pink hair

 Bow with bun

Daytime smokey eye

 Ombre nails -- definitely must try this!

Ways to wear a bow

Red lips

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  1. beautiful beauty inspiration...I love the twisted ponytail look. I usually leave my hair down all the time but this would be really pretty for when I want to pull my hair out of my face.

    xo erica

  2. i love all those hair looks! im so bad at doing my hair though haha! i have been meaning to try ombre nails for months! but i dont have 5 colors similar enough to try it :(

    1. You could always make your own nail polish by mixing a color you have with white on a paper plate so that you have just enough. Then you don't have to buy a whole new color.

  3. Try the knotted headband!! It's perfect for when you don't feel like messing with your hair, but want to look cute...especially in the summer!

  4. I like the twisty ponytail but it would take about forty cans of hairspray for my hair to stay twisty. :P Somewhere out there is a knotted headband that is juts right for you. Your soul headband, so to speak.

    1. Haha! I hope there is a soul headband out there for me. One can only hope!


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