Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Outfit: The Fairest of Them All

This is the outfit I wore to see Snow White & The Huntsman with Jackie. I had to wear red of course, for the line "lips as red as blood."

I was so excited to see this movie and it definitely did not disappoint! It was visually stunning; the clothes, the dark forest, the actors, the magic, and even the end credits were beautiful to look at. Charlize Theron did a terrifyingly magnificent job as the evil Queen Ravenna, and surprisingly Kristen Stewart wasn't as stoic and unemotional as I thought she would be, which is good. I loved the eight dwarves' spunk and humor, though I wasn't sure why there were eight instead of seven dwarves. And I absolutely loved the music by James Newton Howard.

"Gone" by Ionna Gika was my favorite though. Listen to it here.

The only thing that bothered me is [SPOILER!] that I had no idea how Queen Ravenna's creepy brother kept finding Snow White in the forest. I wish we could've had a scene where one of the men of his party showed that he were a good tracker. It took me out of the story. And I really, really wanted Snow White to choose between Eric, the Huntsman, and her childhood love, William.

But other than that it was a great movie and I would recommend seeing it if you love dark fantasy adventures.

Did you see the movie? What did you think?

I love the Barnes and Noble Leatherbound Classics. I have Grimm's Fairy Tales, Jane Austen: Seven Novels, and The Complete Works of Lewis Carroll, and I definitely want more of them!

Shirt // old
Skirt & Belt // Forever 21
Flats // Payless
Bracelet // Daisy Petal Designs (Etsy)
Nail polish // Color Club's Take Me To Your Chateau

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  1. your outfit is great but I just fell in love with THAT BOOK!!!!!

    it's soooo beautiful, I'm gonna steal it from you!!!!


    1. Hahaha, it's a great book! I really recommend getting it!

  2. the visuals in the movie were freaking awesome! Kstew was terrible though. i love the photos with the grimms book! very fitting for the movie!

    1. Thanks! When I was about to take pics of the outfit, I was like, "I should use a book with the Snow White tale!"

  3. Such a pretty book... with very dark contents. :P I love all of your red.

    1. Thanks so much! Very true. Grimm's fairytales are very dark. I've read them written and in graphic novel form.

  4. Great outfit and these photos are so much fun. I love that you incorporated the book in it. Super cute, lady.


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