Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tattoos (Pt. 3)

Some tattoo inspiration for your Wednesday...

 Love the font

 Love this compass

 Love this dandelion to birds tattoo

 Love the placement of this feather

 Love this scribbly font

 Love the message and cute heart

 Love this colorful owl tattoo

 Love this simple but beautiful tattoo

 Love Mary Poppins' silhouette

 Love the parent's signatures tattoos

 Love this paw print

 Love the placement of this tattoo

Love this cute book nerd tattoo

Which is your favorite?
Have an awesome hump day!
(Images via Tattoologist, last via Bookoisseur)

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  1. I love this awesome post!
    And I've just tagged you with "Liebster Award" - visit my blog for details ;)

    xoxo Jenni

  2. i love these! the compass is my favorite


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