Wednesday, October 31, 2012

DIY: Cute Paper Ghosts

First off, I hope everyone on the East Coast is safe and sound.
My apartment complex lost power for 17 hours on Monday into Tuesday, and I could hear the wind howling at night, but there's not much damage near me. Unless of course you count the patch of ceiling near my bed where water leaked in from the roof somehow (my family and I live in the middle apartment, not the top floor). Now a part of the ceiling has been cut away and once they find out where the leak is coming from, it'll be patched up.
But I know that is nothing compared to the damage some people are facing and I wish them all the luck in the world right now.


When I saw this ghost garland from Wild Olive above, I knew I wanted to replicate it somehow. I mean, c'mon, how cute are those friendly ghosts?! They just bring a smile to my face!

1. Fold two sheets or three sheets of paper over (depending on how many ghosts you want) and draw little ghost shapes. You can do whatever shape your heart desires.

2. Cut the little ghosts out.
3. With the black marker or pen draw smiling faces. I varied the smiles and faces to make them more interesting. As you'll see below, one is nerdy, one is a pirate, one has freckles, etc.

4. With the pink colored pencil, color in the mouths and make cute rosy cheeks.

5. Stick them on your front door, or window, with double stick tape and you're all done!

This project was so easy and took less than ten minutes.

Have a fun Halloween!

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