Friday, October 5, 2012

The Art Around My Home

My mom and I like to draw and to collect. This is pretty evident if you've ever stepped into our apartment. To put it plainly, there's a lot of stuff. In every nook and cranny and on the walls.
Since it's my mom's apartment, she has her own drawings all over the place and displays them proudly. I've grown up seeing her work everywhere, whether it's painted magnets on the refrigerator, keychains that other people have, a blanket she knit for me, or earrings she made. She's a woman of all trades.
Here's just a sampling of what she's drawn...
My room isn't really a room at all. It's part of the living room (there's only two bedrooms -- one for my mom and the other for my two younger brothers). So I only have one wall to put up shelves, wall decals, and most importantly artwork.  
Since I don't have much wall space right now, the remainder of my drawings are cooped up in a large portfolio, sad and collecting dust. One day they shall be free.
Here's what's on my little wall...
 I bought the one on the left in Israel and the one on the right at a small auction.

I painted this while I was in high school.
I drew this while in high school, too.
(I should really start drawing again!)

And some random pieces...

 Buy the Star Wars poster here.
When I think of art, I think of home. What things remind you of home?

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  1. i still have a magnet your mom made for me! i remember all those drawings around your house. you really should start drawing again! maybe scenes from your novel!

    1. I don't have time now, but come winter break I would love to break out the drawing pencils!

  2. Wow, you guys are both so incredibly talented! I'd definitely display all of the pieces too.


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