Thursday, October 18, 2012

Inspired By: October Bestselling Book Covers

Although I have yet to read any of the bestsellers below, they are definitely on my TBR (to be read) list. Unfortunately, I'll have to wait until I finish the pile of unread books already stacked near my bed first.

The Casual Vacancy
Inspired By: The Casual Vacancy Cover
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J.K. Rowling's new novel is about the little town of Pagford, which seems perfect, but hidden behind the smiling faces and little cottages is a town at war; the empty seat on the town coucil uproots everything. I choose an outfit that not only reflects the colors on the book's cover, but is perfect for walking in a small town and possibly for wearing to a council meeting.

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Gone Girl
Inspired By: Gone Girl Cover

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Gillian Flynn's thrilling new novel is about a marriage gone wrong. On Nick and Amy's Dunne's fifth wedding anniversary, Amy mysteriously disappears. Nick is being evasive to the police, but does that mean he's a killer? Nick stands by his innocence, so where is his wife? This cover is dark but somewhat girly, so I kept with that theme with a black lace dress, skull-embellished flats, and a polka dot top.  

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The Time Keeper
Inspired By: The Time Keeper Cover

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Mitch Albom's novel is about the first man on earth to count the hours. The inventor of the clock is being punished for trying to measure God's greatest gift -- life. Father Time is banished to a cave where he must listen to the cries of those who wish they had more time, but is eventually released and given a mission: he must teach two people the meaning of time. Being that this novel is about time, I chose pieces that are more "timeless" -- a-line skirt, collared shirt, shift dress, trench coat.
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Inspired By: Son Cover

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Lois Lowry's novel brings us back to the world of The Giver with a new hero, Claire. A Birthmother, she gives birth to a son, but something goes wrong; she becomes sterile and he is taken away. She has no idea what happened to him and yearns to find her son. In a world with no color and emotion, it makes sense that the cover would be gray and cold, but all all-gray outfit can definitely be chic and warm.

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What do you think? What books are you reading right now?
Which do you want to read?

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  1. wow I love your books cover ideas. Since I felt for gray shades on clothes I totally love the last one - son. And the book Time keeper looks nice, Gonna go read it :D thank you for tips

  2. What a fun idea, I'm wanting everything from the gone girl set.

    xo erica

  3. I had never thought of creating outfits based on book covers but it worked out beautifully! I especially love the one based on Gone, Girl - the minimalist combination of black and pale pink instead of the usual white is just perfect :)

  4. This is such a clever idea and I love your choices! Lovely post :D


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