Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DIY: Paper Winter Wonderland

When I saw this cute window sticker set on Pinterest, I knew I wanted to make something similar using paper. I like the idea of having a little snowy town on my window to add a festive flair to my front door. You can add whatever types of buildings you want, or even add people sledding or parked cars or Santa's sleigh on a rooftop. Plus this DIY is so easy to do and doesn't take up much time.
1. Choose a window and then measure it by holding up pieces of paper side by side. Mark how much paper you need. I needed two and half pieces of paper, but every window is different.
2. In pencil, sketch buildings, trees, the ground, a snowman, or whatever you choose to add to your winter scene. Don't forget to add some windows! 

3. With your scissors, cut out the buildings and trees as straight as you can.
4. Cut out the windows using an x-acto knife. Be sure to have a cutting board or cardboard underneath. I used the back of a notebook.
5. Tape the pieces of paper together using regular tape and then tape them to your window using double stick tape (you can see the tape up close but not from afar), and then you're done!

How cute is this little winter wonderland scene?

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