Thursday, December 20, 2012

Inspired By: Les Miserables

I'm so excited to see Les Miserables! The film looks so well done (look at all those costumes and the scenery!) and I can't wait to listen to the actors sing and hear the new song, and see this dramatic tale unfold. I'm hoping I can see it on Christmas day!

Jean Valjean & Javert
Inspired By: Les Miserables -- Jean & Javert
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Jean Valjean (played by Hugh Jackman) is the main character of Victor Hugo's novel and the musical. Paroled from prison nineteen years after stealing bread, he changes his identity to Monsieur Madeleine to live an honest life, and eventually becomes a wealthy man after building two factories. He becomes a father-figure to Fantine's daughter, Cosette. On the opposite side of the law is Javert, a police inspector, who follows the law blindly and wants Jean Valjean behind bars. To dress like these 19th century men, don your a fedora, trench coat, tailored pants, and oxfords, or military jacket, metallic polka dot shirt, black jeans, and ankle boots.

Inspired By: Les Miserables -- Fantine
Played by Anne Hathaway, Fantine works at Jean Valjean's factory, but she is fired when the other workers discover that she had a child out of wedlock. To get money to pay the Thénardiers, innkeepers who "care" for Cosette (but really they abuse her and make her work), Fantine has to resort to being a prostitute. Dress like the strong but disheartened Fantine by wearing a colorblock dress with a hooded anorak and oxfords, or a pink dress, locket necklace, brown sweater, polka dot tights, and boots.

Inspired By: Les Miserables -- Cosette
Fantine's beautiful daughter, Cosette (played by Amanda Seyfried), lives with the Thénardiers for five years, but is rescued by Jean Valjean after *SPOILER* Fantine dies. She is his adopted daughter, is educated in Paris, and falls in love with Marius. To dress like Cosette on a casual day, wear a floral dress with a lace-covered cardigan, burgandy cable knit tights, and heeled booties. For a formal occassion, strut in a nude lace dress, nude heels, and lovely floral headband.  

Inspired By: Les Miserables -- Eponine
Éponine (played by Samantha Barks, who played Éponine in the London production and the 25th anniversary concert) is the Thénardiers' oldest daughter, who was spoiled by her parents as a child but ends up on the streets as a teenager. For money, she is an accomplice in her father's crimes. She is in love with Marius. Wear a thick green sweater, burgandy skirt, thigh high socks, and boots, or a mint blouse with an olive green infinity scarf, jeans, and captoe flats to emulate Éponine.

Are you going to see Les Miserables?

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  1. I CAN'T WAIT FOR LES MIS!!! I think my fave styling is Eponine, adore the colors. Only 4 days away!

    -Sara, Road to the Heart

  2. I'm so excited for this movie too! Love the cute outfit ideas you came up with for each character.

    xo erica

  3. You are a miracle!
    I'm your new follower. I invite you to my blog, I'll wait
    tini-tani BLOG

  4. I love these posts' You did such a great job! Although I'm not too excited to see the movie. I'm not that into musicals but my sister is gonna see it for sure :-D + you always pick such awesome clothes.


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