Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lusting: Desert Boots

Lately I've been seeing desert boots and booties everywhere, on people at school and on Pinterest {see here, here, and here}. Both men and women have been wearing them in various shades of brown and black. These are great footwear for the winter because they're made to be worn in rough terrain, so they can definitely handle some snow and rain and slush.
Lusting // Desert Boots
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I recently picked up a cute black wedged pair from UrbanOg and
I can't wait to wear them everywhere.
They're so comfortable!

 What do you think of these shoes? Definitely yes or hell no?

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  1. New shoes!! Can't wait to see your black ones in outfit posts.

    xo erica

  2. These were all over the place when I was living in Prague! I wanted to get a pair in pink, but those ones with red laces are pretty charming.

  3. the boy i babysit has a pair of these, hes so stylin lol


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