Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Outfit: Holiday Party

This is what I wore to my office holiday party last week. I think the shift-style and higher neckline works for an event with co-workers, but the lace and bright red color makes it fun. Last time I wore this dress, I didn't wear a belt or tights, but now that it's cold I like how the black accessories make the red pop.

I realize that I look like Christmas with my coat on, but I guess it works since I went to a holiday party. This military-esque jacket was a Hanukkah gift from my dad. I'm so glad he bought it for me since I've always wanted a green wool pea coat. And I just found out that emerald green is Pantone's color of 2013!

Anyway, the party was a lot of fun! The food was delicious, everyone was laughing and drinking, and one of my female co-workers put on dark lipstick and then left very visible smooch marks on some men's faces. She does it every year. 

Dress // Delia's
Belt // came with a dress
Tights // Nordstrom
Booties // UrbanOg
Watch // Target
Jacket // Old Navy

Do you have an office holiday party?

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  1. i love this dress! i like the way it looks with the coat on

  2. Great double breasted coat! I love the colour and gold buttons :)

    x Gi

  3. Your boots are cute ^^
    So this is the Taylor Swift lace-y dress..hmmn, impressive :)


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