Wednesday, December 26, 2012

On Blogging, Style & Bravery

Having a blog this past year has made me more adventurous with my style choices. Only a year ago my outfits consisted mainly of cardigans, blue jeans, and flats or Converse. But now that I take pictures of my outfits on a weekly basis, pay more attention to trends and fashion, and know that people read my blog, I've gotten a lot braver.

I feel more comfortable wearing hats, fun jewelry, blazers, peplum shirts, dresses, skirts, colored jeans, prints, booties, loafers, and heels. I used to see trends and want to try them, but think that I wouldn't be able to pull it off. I thought people would somehow know that this piece of clothing isn't my usual style and judge me, but no one knows (or cares) what I wear on a daily basis, no one is judging me for wearing a polka dot top or fuschia-colored jeans. And if they are judging me, then they're clearly not people I want to know anyway.
Now if I want to try out a new trend, I just go for it! If I want to wear a peter pan collared shirt or a maxi skirt or booties, then I will. Knowing that I have confidence in my outfit choices makes me even more confident in what I'm wearing.
So I'm glad that I've been trying new things that still stick to my personal style. I'm young; I should try new things, right? That's not to say I still don't wear cardigans, jeans and flats because those things are still "me" and are a part of my style, but I'm trying to wear them in a fun, updated way (ie. floral cardigan, colored jeans, and studded flats). And let's be honest, no one is going to take away my cardigans.
Here's to another year of evolving style, having fun with fashion, and being even more adventurous!

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  1. so glad to see you experimented this year! i try to do the same!

    happy holidays!
    xo jenny
    my blog // my facebook page // shop my closet

  2. i totally feel ya on thinking you can't pull something off! theres lotsa times i try stuff on and i like it, but i think its just not me, and i can't pull it off. then i think people that know me will judge me because i NEVER wear stuff like that! but i never thought that any time i saw one of your outfits :)

    1. Thanks!! I think you can definitely pull anything you want off too!

  3. I agree that blogging does seem to make one more confident and daring in the sense of style. Here's to 2013!

    -Sara, Road to the Heart

  4. Blogging has made me more adventurous as well...I just recently bought galaxy print leggings! I can't wait to show them off on the blog.

    xo erica

  5. Here's to experimentation! Happy New Year :D

  6. well, hi happiness and aren't you looking the most darling ever! i couldn't agree more about how blogging helps put certain things into a more defined perspective. photographing ourselves seems to weed out a better balanced look somehow. we get to see things from a different perspective, almost through anothers eyes and then, in my experience anyways, it's made all the difference in the design aesthetic i'm drawn to. def keep it up Sara, trying new things is the spice of life!! that's for clothes or otherwise too :)

    my blog visits have been lacking lately, what with all that's been going on but what a lovely day to catch up here and see the goodness you've shared! as our work-in-progress lives move forward into a brand new year i can only forsee greatness ahead and wish the same for you!! cheers and charms - HAPPY 2013!!!! ♥

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment! You're so right about seeing ourselves through another's eyes and it definitely helps me figure out what works and what doesn't.

      I hope you have a lovely New Years!!


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