Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Outfit: Chiffon & Sneakers

Three things: 1) When I read an article on Glamour talking about wearing dresses and skirts with sneakers, I was excited when a warm day finally arrived so I could do just that. I usually pair flats or sandals with skirts, but sometimes it's just practical to wear sneakers. And I like to think I'm a practical gal.
2) This was the first time going outside without pants or tights this year! Yay for that!
3) But how pale are my legs?! They look so white! I've never been one for tanning, be it in a booth or lounging near the pool, but I'm looking forward to getting a little color on my skin come warmer weather.

Sweater // old
T-shirt // Walmart
Skirt // eBay
Belt // thrifted
Shoes // Converse
Bag // Old Navy
Long necklace // JewelMint
Watch // Forever 21
Bracelet // Daisy Petal Designs
Ring // Forever 21 {similar & similar}
Glasses // Bonlook
Lipstick // Maybelline's Color Whisper in Pink Possibilities

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  1. Pretty. Love the skirt and the cute bracelet <3


  2. Now we are following each other from instagram, thank you Sara. The skirt has a great color and the bracelet is lovely!

  3. That skirt is the prettiest blue!!! LOVE!

    Pearls & Paws

  4. Love your outfit. Such a pretty dress! I never worn sneakers with dresses/skirt but i think i'll give it a go. 'cause it looks great on you :)
    and yay for wearing no tights, not that the weather want's to heat up here :/
    x Audrey

  5. this look is really cute! i love the skirt with the casual sneakers, i might have to try this, but i always feel like my feet look weird in sneakers haha! your feet look perfect in anything :-P

  6. I love that skirt--the color is really bright and pretty. That ring is super cool too :-)

  7. I love the color of that skirt! It looks so cute on you :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  8. I love the fact that you are wearing sneakers with a chiffon skirt. I love pairing my white sneakers with a casual dress or skirt. I also love your bag and ring!

    <3 Alyssa www.alyssamarierose.com

  9. Darling thank you so much for your comment, you are just too sweetie :)
    I really like this post, its so fresh and fabulous!!
    Love the photos, i really like your skirt!
    Come to comment my new post, i heartily appreciate it; http://peaceinmyshoes.blogspot.com.es

  10. haha I love wearing sneakers with dresses! It's the best combination.

  11. such a cute outfit!

    Hope you have time to visit my blog and maybe enter my chicnova.com giveaway! Thanks!
    Just Tututiny

  12. Sara, I just came by your blog this afternoon - how gorgeous! Have spent the last little while sipping my coffee and reading through your latest posts. Would love if you came by mine...and if you're so inclined, feel (more than) free to follow me back :)

  13. Sneakers and dresses are a look I've never experimented with, but this season I'm quite intrigued by it... possibly because I have a pair of white Chuck Taylors on my wishlist and I want to wear them with pretty much everything I own :) I think chiffon and sneakers is a great combination, and what a bonus that you had a warm enough day for it!


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