Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Outfit: New Territory

I ventured to a new place -- the playground in my apartment complex. I know, I'm so daring! (Not really.) But it was a warm, sunny day and I felt like I should change it up a bit. I also wanted to show you guys the new clothes I got recently. Pretty much everything in this outfit is new -- hat, shirt, jeans, and loafers (I only wore them once before here).
If you follow me on Instagram you know that I bought a panama hat! It was only a matter of time since I did a post on wide brim hats and couldn't stop wanting one. And the one I got from Banana Republic was marked down from $60 to $15! I also found this cute shirt with studs on the shoulder at Marshall's for $16. And lastly, these American Eagle jeans -- I can't believe I haven't bought pants there before. AE jeans are amazingly comfortable, stretchy but still thick, and they give me a bit of a confidence boost since I'm wearing size 4 and I'm usually wear size 6. Yay!
Hat // Banana Republic {on sale!}
Jacket // Topshop
Top // Marshalls
Jeans // American Eagle
Shoes // Shoedazzle
Ring // Marc by Marc Jacobs (gift) {similar}
Glasses // Bonlook
What do you think of panama hats?
Should I change up the scenery more for outfit photos?

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  1. those flats are seriously too cute! I love the bright pink!

    Pearls & Paws

  2. Yes, flats are gorgeous!

  3. so cute, love your outfit and i'm obsessing over your shoes!


  4. i love playgrounds! we should go play on it together!

  5. Ack I love that hat so much! I'm only recently getting into hats because I stopped listening to the notion that they looked bad on me, so now I want all the hats in the world, haha. You make that hat look awesome!

    1. I'm sure they don't look bad on you at all! If you do get a hat I would love to see it on your blog! Thanks!

  6. nice outfit ;)
    great blog ! Would you like to follow each other ?

  7. Those shoes are epic-ly (so not a word) adorable. Also, I find it funny that you and I both apparently discovered AE jeans recently! They fit so well -- I hadn't even thought to look there!

  8. Great outfit! I love those loafers - such a great pop of colour! :)


  9. i LOVE the Panama hat! looks fabulous on you. makes you look very mysterious, i think-which is a compliment! :) I wish i looked good in hats. I just look antique haha

  10. What a cute look! I absolutely love hats of all varieties - I've really been lusting after a panama hat recently, and yours is so perfect (not to mention having been such a steal!) but I'm afraid to buy one because I think it would get pretty squished in my suitcase when we go back to Canada :S

  11. Cute outfit! I'm a sucker for details, so I'm totally loving the shirt and the studs on the shoulder!

    Love the shoes too! Such a great color!


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