Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Is It Wrong to Have Job Standards?

Soon I'm going to start looking for a full-time job. It's scary and real and I'm nervous about making the jump from a student to an actual adult who works.
Although I'm anxious to send my resume around and go to job interviews (eek!), I'm excited to have a job that I look forward to going to everyday (even if I have to have one or two crummy jobs first). I would love to work in publishing because the idea of helping create books would be like a dream come true for me, though I'm unsure what job I want to do. Of course, my first job might not be in publishing and that's okay.
But I don't want to take just any job.
Since I've been working at Triboro, a manufacturing company (aka an office job), for five years I would like to continue working in an office setting. This is probably a terrible thing to say, but I would feel like I was going "backwards" by going from an office job to working retail. There is absolutely nothing wrong with working retail at all. Most of my friends have done it and a few still do, but I don't think it's for me (unless it was my own business or storefront).
I guess what I'm saying is that now that I've worked in an office, I have work standards. To put it nicely, I'm a job snob. Along with those standards for myself comes money standards. I wouldn't want to go to a job where I make less than I do now.
Do you think it's wrong to have job standards and not want to go "backwards" work-wise?

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  1. I completely understand not wanting to go backwards. Unfortunately sometimes when working for the means of living means you can't be fussy in what line of work but its always a chance to see it as a starting place rather then condemning yourself to that job for the rest of your life. I've worked both retail and as a waitress in the past. Now I would never want to go back to waitressing because it can have so many downsides and despite what people think it can be crazy busy. Luckily in England you don't work and depend on customer tips. While I hated my jobs I can honestly say I have some good memories from them and met some lovely people. Best of luck in your job hunt! I do hope you manage to find something you enjoy.

  2. Absolutely not can be hard sometimes though, especially with the economy!

  3. Its important to have goals when looking for a job, without goals, you will just settle for the first one that comes along, and that would be it for the next 40 years. However I have been through my own job hunt, and been by Ben's side during his, and it is important to understand that at the beginning of your adult job career, you will not always get what you want. I never wanted, in a million years, to work at a front desk, but that was the job that was offered to me and I needed the money. Same with Ben, he wants to work in his field of engineering, but the job he was offered was in cost analyzing, so he took it. Sometimes you need to take jobs that you don't like or want, because you need to make money. with more experience under you belt its then so much easier to get accepted to that dream job of yours!

  4. Its not wrong at all! Blessings to you on finding the job you want!

  5. ahhhhhh such an annoying thing. I graduated a year ago and my standards have left me working with my husband at our family business. Not that it's a bad thing, but I'm most def not using my degree. I def felt the way you do though, there were a lot of jobs I simply did not want. Bottom line, we are becoming adults in a crazy economy and it kind of sucks. I try no to over think it, and eventually things fall together.

  6. I think it's ok to be a job snob, because you have earned your way there, so obviously you have standards. If you had no experience and you were a job snob, that's a diff story. Good luck with the interviews xoxo


  7. In fact it is not wrong but risk taking and being open to change are very important in business life so keep your standarts but dont forget to improve your skills of adjusting...

  8. I think where you want to work has more to do with personal taste than anything - although the fact that people who work in retail are generally so underpaid and badly treated by their employers definitely doesn't make it an attractive option for most people. I've done both retail jobs and office jobs and honestly, the only reason that I liked the office jobs better was that I got to sit down while doing things I didn't like :) Good luck with the job search, it's definitely tough but you'll learn a lot about yourself along the way.

  9. It's definitely okay to be a self-proclaimed job snob. I'm going through a similar situation right now. I graduate in 10 weeks and I'm looking for a job in entertainment, but I don't want to just take any job. However, in this economy, in order to get where you want to go eventually, I think we all need to make some sacrifices and accept a job (or a few jobs) that we don't necessarily want to.

  10. scary, heck ya but so very exciting too :) this is some kinda news Sara, wishing you all the very best with the search and remember, as much as they're choosing you, you are choosing them too. i guess having some job snob-ishness is a good thing but i look at it more like defining your deal breakers. i've worked in places that have paid less just because the work environment and culture was so awesome. it's all a balance and i hope you find yours!!

    hey, thanks so much for the wonderful comments you leave me too. i really appreciate the new home wishes, you're a gem! ♥

  11. Nah, you have so much office experience and you've worked for the paycheck you earn now. Why should you deserve less? I'm sure you'll find something that fits your standards.


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