Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Outfit: Colorful on a Rainy Day

It's hard to know what to wear when it's raining outside and yet it's still unpleasantly hot and muggy. I wore this light off-white sweater with neon threads running through it, shorts, and purple sneakers because I was planning on going to the post office, but then it start pouring buckets, so I turned around and went right back inside. 

I love this polka dot pouch because it can either be a media case for my iPad Mini or an over-size clutch. It would be perfect for when I just need to carry a few things. 

So I'll be at home, reading and listening to the rain pelt against my windows. 

Sweater // Old Navy
Shorts // Forever 21 {similar}
Pouch // Target {similar & similar}
Sneakers // Old Navy
Twist Ring // gift
Ring // Forever 21 {similar & similar}

What do you wear when it's humid but raining?

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  1. Unpredictable weather is always difficult. But you look so pretty. I loved the dots!

  2. Looks comfy! I've been eyeing up that clutch at Target and you might be swaying me here :)

    I think that's what's killing me about summer right now - I have no idea what to wear because it's wet and rainy yet hot and muggy and all I want is for it to be fall so I can wear a sweater and know what to expect ><;

  3. Super cute & comfy looking! Love the clutch/iPad case!


  4. Cute bag!


  5. I love the polka dot pouch! Which also reminds me I need to get a case for my mini... great find!

  6. Oh, a very cute outfit! I love the idea of using the case as a clutch! Great pattern.

    Yes, the weather has been so weird lately! It makes getting dressed impossible... would much rather stay in bed all day :-P


  7. Nothing can be better than spending a rainy day at home, reading or listening to music! I wish I could do it more often instead of sitting at the office :-) Lovely clutch!

  8. You have such a sweet and cute style!
    Really love it :) And your blog is really adorable as well, already following on bloglovin to keep up with you


  9. I can totally sympathise about trying to dress for hot, rainy weather - it's just impossible! Pairing a sweater with shorts is actually a great idea, I think I'm going to try it today :) And I love your polkadot clutch, the colour is adorable!

  10. This clutch is so cute! I'm such a sucker for anything mint and/or with polka dots. Love the color of your shoes too!


  11. that sweater is so cool with the little bits of neon!


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