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Sponsor Spotlight: My Life as a Teacup

Happy Monday, everyone! Kristin of My Life as a Teacup is taking over my blog today!
She's talking about literary crushes because who doesn't have a few, right?

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Ah, literary crushes. Everyone has one, that character that makes your heart flutter and keeps you up at night, trying to devise a way to jump into a novel a la Blue's Clues. The more you start thinking about your list, the more you start wondering what criteria you should use to weigh your crush-worthy candidates. Should they be marriage material? Purely swoon-worthy? I settled on the simple "makes you hide behind your book casting shifty eyes around the room to see who's spotted you giggling and blushing like a madwoman".

I'll spare you the obvious - Mr. Darcy - and the obscure crushes that even I can't explain (I may or may not have an inexplicable love for The Scar's Uther Doul. Just me? Okay.). My only rule for the following list is no dipping into pop culture; these crushes must remain strictly literary. Or else it would probably definitely be 17 12,000 times longer. 

Henry Tilney (Northanger Abbey) Mr. Darcy might be the Austen hottie of choice, but Henry Tilney seems much more pleasant and funnier. He's witty, flirty, charming, and kind; and he has no qualms about professing his enjoyment of novels.

Did I mention sassy? Go ahead, Google "Henry Tilney sass". I dare you.

Mercutio (Romeo and Juliet) Frankly, I think Romeo is a whiny prat. He's obsessive, and a biiiiit unstable. Mercutio, on the other hand, is witty and fun, and a good friend as well. He may not be the most rational when it comes to controlling one's temper, which, y'know, can get you killed, but I'd still pick Mercutio over Romeo any day.

George Weasley (Harry Potter series) Apparently I really have a thing for men with a sense of humour, and the Weasley twins have got a great personality to match. They're great fun, care immensely for their family (even if they do tease and torment them at times), and can bust a move (Exhibit A: The Yule Ball). And yes, I specified one twin of the Weasley duo. As much as I like funny, I'm a serious gal and George seems like the tamer of the two, a bit more mellow; I dig that.

Edward Fairfax Rochester (Jane Eyre) The epitome of dark, brooding, Byronic heroes, Mr. Rochester is a total babe. He's also kind of an ass at times, but that doesn't stop my heart palpitations. I'm willing to put his questionable decisions aside if he continues to be ridiculously passionate and somehow charming.

Ser Jorah Mormont (A Song of Ice and Fire) Part of me feels perpetually bad that he keeps getting friend-zoned by Daenerys, but honestly, who could resist the sensible council and genuine care that Ser Jorah Mormont exudes? Dedicated, loyal, and sends stacks of books as a wedding present? Be still my heart.

Aragorn (Lord of the Rings) Chicks dig an air of mystery, am I right? And Strider, er, I mean Aragorn, had me from the Prancing Pony (which is in Bree, which also happens to be the name of a very delicious cheese that I love - Brie! Coincidence? I think not!). Skilled warrior, just king, and all-around freaking awesome? Yeah, I'm swooning (still).

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  1. I have to agree about Mr. Tilney. Sassy > Byronic.

  2. Oh, I cannot believe you missed Jamie from the Outlander series! I do guess it may not qualify as "literature" per se, but nonetheless, I don't know many women who wouldn't trade places with Claire!

  3. I've never read the Outlander series! Definitely going to check it out!

  4. Oh man, I'll have to check it out (Outlander isn't a series I'm familiar with!).

  5. I've never liked Ser Jorah, although it is sad how he's always friendzoned. My literary crush from ASOIAF would be Sandor Clegane. Yum-my.

  6. I've never heard Sandor Clegane called yummy before! Personally I think John Snow is yummy!

  7. He has his moments of assbutt-ness, but I still feel for him. And yes! Sandor Clegane!

  8. Yes, I've been called weird for my obsession between him and Sansa (oh yes, i ship San-San) but he's all broody and big. And you gotta feel for him because his brother is a huge nasty bully.


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