Monday, August 5, 2013

Photo A Day Challenge (July 2013) + Sponsor: My Life as a Teacup

I had fun doing Fat Mum Slim's photo challenge this month! Although many of them aren't as artistic or creative as I would like, it was nice taking a picture every day. This month I actually remembered every single day that I had to take a picture (even if I didn't put it up on the same day), so it allowed me to think about what I wanted to photograph and how. I'm looking forward to doing the challenge in August too!
1. Happiness is... {reading} | 2. Shoes | 3. Cold
4. Red, white or blue {blue nails} | 5. Love | 6. Fave smell {Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck}
7. Where you are | 8. Path {the library} | 9. 3 things
10. Smooth {book covers} | 11. I wore this! | 12. A bad habit {biting my nails}
13. 4 o'clock {on a train} | 14. Edible {leftovers from Alice's Tea Cup} | 15. Outside the window

16. Bottle | 17. Inspirational | 18. Number {hanging out with Brittany}
19. Building {architecture of the library} | 20. Hot | 21. Fave food {chocolate chip cookies!}
22. Grey | 23. I drew this! {painted this years ago} | 24. D is for... {delicious}
25. Ground | 26. The everyday {driving} | 27. Black + white {statue at The Metropolitan}
28. This is new! {nail polish and giant pencil} | 29. Perspective | 30. Friendship
31. Workspace

I would like to introduce you to my newest sponsor: 
Kristin of My Life as a Teacup!

I met Kristin in real life back in June and she's the sweetest person ever. We chatted over tea and scones about books. I'm 100% positive that if we lived closer we would be best friends!
Kristin is a pocket-sized, list-obsessed, linguaphile hailing from Pittsburgh, PA (Hogwarts, to be exact; thank you very much University of Pittsburgh) and gets way too emotionally attached to fictional characters. My Life as a Teacup is her little corner of the blogosphere, dedicated to productivity, being your best possible self, and all things literary. She enjoys curling up with The Bard and a nice strong cuppa Earl Grey.

Hop on over to Kristin's blog and give her a big hello! 

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  1. I love seeing photo challenge round-ups - it always reminds me that I want to do one... and then of course I forget later on. But one these months, I am definitely going to participate!

  2. D'aw :D We can totally be Internet best friends until we can be real neighbors, haha. I love doing the photo challenges and realize at the end that yes, I've taken a photo (almost) every single day!

  3. I love those pink wedges! I haven't done any of those photo challenges yet...I'd probably forget to take the photos, ha.

    The Tiny Heart

    1. Thanks!! I save the picture on my phone to help me remember.

  4. i really need to do the photo a days! i started once and then my computer died so i didn't have it all month so i stopped the challenge.

    1. You should try again! I would love to see the pictures you take!

  5. awh, kristin seems like a doll! i love your giant pencil and little blue rose bracelet!

    lindsey louise

  6. This looks like such a fun challenge and your photos are great. I'm just sticking to a generic take a photo each day for August challenge! x

  7. Dearest Sara, I like each of your photos you took, especially because there are so many in pink, my favourite colour! And how great that you met Kristin - she looks, sweet, clever and smart so I can really imagine that she would be a perfect friend for you if you would live closer together!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  8. This is such a cool post. I love these photo a day challenges, but haven't given that a go myself yet.

    Thanks for sharing :)
    xoxo Jackie

    1. Thank you! You should try one day because it's a lot of fun!


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