Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bold, Bolder, Boldest with Chili's at Home

Let's be honest, sometimes you just don't want to cook. Maybe it was a long day. Maybe there was tons of traffic. Maybe all you want to do is watch TV and sit on the couch. Maybe you've been kicking ass at the gym like I have for the past month and now you just want to relax. So after a long day, you want to eat something that's easy to make, but still has lots of bold flavor. Don't worry, I understand. While I don't eat frozen meals all of the time, I love having a few on-hand in case I (or my mom) don't feel like cooking. 

Chili's is now serving up bold food straight into your home! I've never been to a Chili's restaurant, but that's only because there isn't one near me, so I was excited to get my hands on the Chili’s® at Home Bacon Mac 'N' Cheese to try out. I went with my brother Leo to our nearest Walmart to get one of the family sizes, so that my whole family could eat it too. 

Let's start with the second most important question about the Chili’s® at Home frozen foods: Is it easy to make? Yes! I took it out of the packaging, pulled the film back a little, popped into into the microwave for eight minutes, stirred it a little, back in the microwave for five minutes, and then it's ready to eat. 

Now the most important question: Does it taste good? Absolutely! The warm, cheesy smell filled the whole kitchen, so I had to bite into it immediately. It tasted gooey, cheesy, had a bit of a kick to it, the bacon was awesome, and the whole thing was perfect after a long day. My brothers couldn't stop telling me how much they liked it. ("Delicious," "cheesy," "soooo good" were a few words thrown around.)

Chili’s® at Home now makes it easy to have delicious and colorful food in your own home with their bold frozen meals. If you're not a fan of Mac 'N' Cheese, they have a whole selection to choose from, like Cheesy Chicken Pasta Florentine, Island Chicken & Rice, Mango Chicken with Rice, and more. Unfortunately, if you're vegetarian they don't have any options for you, but hopefully they will soon. 

Want to try out the Chili’s® at Home frozen foods for yourself? Click here to get $1 off to try any of the meals at home! (Click on the coupons tab.)

Have you tried the Chili's frozen meals?

**This post is sponsored by Bellisio Foods and Chili's At Home, 
but all opinions are my own.**

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  1. Totally craving mac and cheese now!

    xo T.

  2. A grilled mac n cheese sandwich? That's sounds amazing!

  3. you are my best friend because you notice if there aren't vegetarian options <3


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