Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sponsor Spotlight: Rei of Couture Crush

Today Rei of Couture Crush is taking over my blog!
I started my blog Couture Crush back in 2013 on a whim when I was looking for something fun and fashion related to do and a fashion blog was the perfect idea! I'm Japanese but currently living in Hawaii so my style tends to be a mix of Japanese and Western fashion. I blog about my travels, Asian trends, and beauty too! 

I also want to talk about is a website called Atcontent that is a plugin for bloggers that I have been using recently to drive my traffic to my blog! It works great because it allows people to re-post your posts thus giving you more exposure. It's a great tool that I just wanted to share with others who also want to expand their blog/websites!

Say hello to Rei over at her blog!

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  1. i loveher style, a fab mix of asian and western

    keep in touch

  2. I love her style!


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