Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sponsor Spotlight: Jess of Bookworms in Dresses

Jess is taking over my blog today!
I (Sara) love the Geek Girl tag, which is usually done by vlogger on Youtube, but I thought it would be fun to ask my lovely sponsor, Jess of Bookworms in Dresses, these questions since we're both geek girls. 

1. What is your must-have tech gadget? 
iPhone / Gameboy 3ds. (I gotta play my pokemon!)

2. Which house do you belong to in Hogwarts? 
Without a doubt Ravenclaw, with all the books I read, it's my obvious house! (Not to mention I love Blue and silver)

3. Who was your favorite Doctor? 
I loved 9, I feel like he doesn't get enough credit! He was silly and adorable and gosh, I loved him!

4. If you could have dinner with any fictional character, who would it be? 
Millionaire Me from the future (see what I did there? Fictional because I'll never be a millionaire! hhaha) but really, I'd love to get dinner with Dean Winchester from Supernatural....but I might have some ulterior motives on that one....

5. What is your gaming system of choice?
Nintendo 3ds, I love handheld gaming. My boyfriend plays a bunch of Xbox, so I watch him play Mass Effect and other stuff all the time, but I don't really game through the TV. 
6. If you had a super power, what would it be? 
Teleportation. Because it would serve me the best, I could teleport out of awkward social situations, I could teleport to the GetGo down the street to pick up candy, I could teleport to Sarah in South Korea....the possibilities are endless!!

7. What is your favorite fantasy world? 
Pokemon. You better believe that I'd want to be a Pokemon trainer and gather up all the cat pokemon in my house. No matter where I am, I am a crazy cat lady. Harry Potter comes in close second though, magic is awesome. 
8. If you could be any fictional race, what would you be? 
Probably a Half-Beastkin (Cat) from Blaz Blu. Or any type of cat-girl. It would be so cool to be a cat, that's the life!

9. Star Trek or Star Wars? 
Star Wars. 

10. List your top 5 geektastic movies or TV Series. 
Doctor Who, Tremors (don't laugh at me!), Destination Truth, Sword Art Online, and Supernatural (which counts to me!) 
What are your answers to these questions?
If you do this tag, link to it below!

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  1. Ahhhh! I love it! Ravenclaw for life :D

  2. interesting tag and even intersing answers , i cannt live without my iphone too

    was obsessed with pokemon once upon a time

    Keep in touch

  3. I haven't seen Tremors in years haha! Totally forgot about that movie. And YES to teleportation. That would be amazing.

  4. LOVE love love this tag! I can't get enough of hearing about people's fandoms. It's always so fun to hear what things people are really into!

  5. Interesting post and great answers dear!!


  6. Supernatural is my jam! I love it so much!

  7. I have the "attack pack" on DVD which has all 4 movies in it. Yes, that's right, they made four Tremors movies. hahah!

  8. Super cute! I love Supernatural!

  9. I always thought I would be a Ravenclaw, but then Pottermore sorted me into Slytherin. SIGH. I'm totally with you on living in the Pokemon world. It would be so cool to travel and discover new creatures. And ride the waves on a Lapras. I'm so happy to see Destination Truth in your top 5 geeky movies/TV shows! Josh Gates is the coolest.

  10. A cat race?? that's awesome!


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