Monday, August 4, 2014

Sponsor Spotlight: Charlotte of Charlotte Steggz

Today Charlotte is taking over my blog!

Who Wears Kinda Long Shorts? ...I   do.

Hello! My name is Charlotte and I blog over at Charlotte Steggz, which is me. And I don't like short shorts.

As a curvy girl, I've never felt comfortable wearing short things, so short shorts are pretty much out. I just don't like showing skin in my inner thigh. And every summer I have the same problem – I cannot find ANY non-short shorts. Until last year.
I found these awesome long shorts from Bershka – they are the perfect length! No inner thigh problems at all! Hazzah!

Size and fashion are funny things. As much as we are living in an age that is (slowly) coming to understand that the clothes you wear do not mean that you are “asking for it”, there are still magazines and blogs dedicated to judging women on their fashion choices. When I stand in a shop I'm thinking “can I get away with wearing this with my body shape” as opposed to “would wearing this make me happy?” And I don't think that's healthy.

I try to wear my chosen fashion choices with pride, to show young girls that it's totally OK to be larger and have fun with fashion. To want to cover up a bit, or to want to show more skin even though I don't look like Kate Miss. Or to be nearly 30 and still wear a large amount of girly items. But at times it's hard to wear what makes me feel comfortable because I'm worried about the image I'm giving off.

To everyone reading this I ask you – next time you have to pick out an outfit, pick out something that makes you happy, not what would make people looking at you happy. (If you don't do this already, of course!) 
Top – New Look, Shorts – Bershka, Sandals – used, Watch – Michael Kors, Bracelet – a street stall in Tokyo (says my name in Japanese on it) and other bracelet – Mae Movement (supports women in Nepal and gives them money to be able to escape being trafficked.)  

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  1. this is a wonderful message!

  2. This is so true, we should all wear things that make US happy and not worry about what other people think... great post!! (And I don't wear short shorts either, lol)


  3. i like your not so short shorts a lot , though i feel short shorts will look very good on you
    i feel everyone should wear what makes them happr no matter if people judge , those people are crazy
    u look pretty sweets
    keep in touch

  4. Thank you Charlotte! It's an important thing to remember. I tend to dress for myself first but obviously, I think of how I'll look in it and what other people will think. It's stupid I know, and a hard habit to break. Something I think we all struggle with from time to time!

  5. Yes, I definitely struggle with this too!


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