Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ipsy Glam Bag {August 2014}

This month's Ipgy Glam Bag (click here to join! It's only $10 a month!) is called Beauty Schooled. This bag is full of the "classic" items you should have in your beauty arsenal and ones that will help you look great on your first day of school, or any day really. At first, I was kind of bummed by the products I got because they seemed really small, but when I tested them I realized how great they are. Also, the orange polka-dotted, cylindrical-shaped bag is not my style, so I gave it to my mom. 

What I got:
 Dr. Brandt's Pores No Mores Refiner (full size $45, sample $8)
 Absolute's You're the Balm lip balm (full size $6 for two, sample (same size) $3)
 Coastal Scents' Forever Blush duo in Fresh and Elegant (full size $8 for one, sample $2.50)
 Lord & Berry's Silk Kajal Kohl Eye Liner in #1001 Black (full size $17, sample $5)
 Urban Decay's Perversion mascara (full size $22, sample $5.50)

This month's bag was worth $25! Not as much as others, but not too bad either.

Dr. Brandt's Pores No Mores Refiner 

Let me start off by saying I have huge pores. Huge. This pore refiner is a primer and a refiner all in one. It's also for oily / combination skin, which is what I have, and it's mattifying. It's a light nude color, which disappears once you blend it in. It doesn't make my pores completely disappear (it's not magic after all), but it did "blur" them and make them less obvious, and made my skin really soft. It also has a light lemony scent. I would probably buy this if it wasn't so expensive. 

Absolute's You're the Balm lip balm

This lip balm looks and smells like something my middle school self would use. That's not necessarily a bad thing -- it has a cute bubbled packaging, it's purple, it smells like grape, and it has some glitter. The only problem is that it's an oily lip balm, which I personally don't like and it's not very moisturizing. 

Coastal Scents' Forever Blush duo in Fresh and Elegant

I'm sure you guys know by now that I'm obsessed with blush. I never the house with it. I wish these blushes were bigger because they're wonderful. They're soft and pigmented and the pink (elegant) has a very faint amount of shimmer. I've been using both colors on and off since I got it. The orange (fresh) becomes more coral-like on my skin tone and the pink is bright and pretty. I will definitely buy a blush from them in the future. 

Lord & Berry's Silk Kajal Kohl Eye Liner in #1001 Black

I like wearing black pencil eyeliners, the darker the better. This eyeliner is black, but it's not super dark and not super opaque. It's also not waterproof and smudgeproof, which means by the end of the day it slid a little. It's an okay eyeliner, but not something I would really reach for. 

Urban Decay's Perversion mascara

This mascara is amazing! The brush shape and bristles are very similar to one of my other favorites the Sephora Full Action, but this perversion mascara is a little wetter, which means I really only needed to go over my lashes once to get the full effect. I would say that this mascara is more for women who like to have a full lash look, rather than long lashes. It made my lashes look so thick. I don't think it's waterproof, but it stayed really well every time I wore it. 

Have you tried this beauty products?
What are you interested in trying out?

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  1. i have been dying for a new good eyeliner lately! I like smudge pots and pencils too - but for some reason i am using a liquid. i HATE having a good eyeliner be all under my eyes by the end of the day (unless its supposed to be there!)

    looks like some fun swag, enjoy! xo

  2. So thoughtful to have made the school essential bag
    I like the balm
    Keep in touch

  3. Love those blushes. I haven't worn makeup practically all summer, and I'm excited to stock up on some new things for fall!

  4. How good that the bag this month was worth the price! Always interesting to see the various content of such bags, thanks for sharing, dear Sara :)

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  5. I just subscribed. You've convinced me with your reviews! I've actually been going back and forth for a while on getting either an Ipsy or Birchbox subscription, but Ipsy seems like it has more I'd be interested in.

    I need to check out that mascara. I like having full lashes rather than long lashes (too long means they brush up on my glasses, haha).

  6. Those blushes both look so pigmented and pretty!


  7. If I wore makeup more frequently, I think i'd love this monthly thing! They seem to contain great products! Love those blushes!

  8. the mascara and pore refiner sound awesome!!

  9. The mascara is AMAZING! Love the blush colors <3


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