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Books & Looks: Jacquie

Say hello to Jacquie!

Hello Sincerely, Sara followers! I'm Jacquie of Claws up. I'm no stranger to Sara or her blog. We have been best friends for 17 years, and we started our blogs within a few weeks of each other. I never  pass up an opportunity to support Sara and be a part of her amazing blog. It took me a while, but here is my Books & Looks post!

Book: The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris

Picking the book half of my post was the easy part. Hands down, The Silence of the Lambs is my favorite book. It all started when I first saw the movie almost 10 years ago. Most people might think it's just some horror movie with not much substance, but it is incredibly physiological and deep. Dr. Hannibal Lecter is a famous and well-known psychiatrist. Traumatic events in his life pushed him over the edge and he becomes a cannibal. Silence of the Lambs is the third book in the time frame of the four book series, and he spends the entire book in prison, as he has been arrested in the previous book. We see him meeting with Clarice Starling, an FBI student on a case to find a serial killer by the name of Buffalo Bill. Hannibal is so polite and cordial to Clarice. He gives her just enough information to push her to figure out the mystery on her own. People view Hannibal as a monster, but when he interacts with Clarice, all you can see is how human he really is.

The story of Hannibal Lecter begins when he is a child during World War II. He loses his entire family to the Nazis, and loses his sister in the most horrific way. It is so interesting to see him go from a completely normal kid, to what people are calling a monster. In the end you can see that he was never really a monster at all. While I love every step in the progression of his story, The Silence of the Lambs will always be my number one book.

Look: The reason why it took me so long to get this post together was that I just couldn't pick my look! Do I go for the item  wear the most? Or do I pick a piece that I love, but I might not get the chance to wear a lot? In the end I picked an outfit that I thought was "quintessential Jacquie". I can usually be spotted wearing a cardigan, button up, colored pants, something neon, boots, and of course, a scarf. There are no words to express how excited I am that fall is here, and I can finally rock those pieces all together! I tend to put in a lot of thought when it comes to picking my clothes. For me, more is usually more, and I love incorporating lots of pieces into my look.

Thank you, Jacquie!
Have you read The Silence of the Lambs?

Want to be a part of Book & Looks? Pick your favorite book and piece of clothing and take some pictures, then email me at with the subject "Books & Looks". In the email, include: four to five pictures (preferably horizontal), a paragraph or two about why it's your favorite book and why it's your favorite piece of clothing, and three social media links. 

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  1. I still haven't read this book!!! Beautiful pics and look... hope I have the time to do one soon! I have it written in my planner!!!



  2. I really want to read Silence of the Lambs! I have read Red Dragon and adored it, so I definitely want to check out his others.

  3. Very cute and colorful, I love her scarf!


  4. So colorful! I love books like Silence of Lambs as well!!

  5. I'm so glad I finally had time to stop by Sara's blog today to see one of these Books & Looks posts. I've never read the Hannibal Lecter series but I know it's far more than just a horror movie and your description has me really intrigued. I love the way the colours of your outfit subtlely coordinate with the cover art, too!

  6. Oh, great look! And a great book pick, too. I've been meaning to read The Silence of the Lambs for a long time now... thanks for the reminder!
    Definitely want to submit to the Books & Looks series, Sara :)

  7. yay i loved being a part of your blog!

  8. Yay! Loved having you on my blog! :)

  9. Yay!! I can't wait to see your Books & Looks post! :)

  10. Thanks, Cee! I would love for you to submit a Books & Looks post!! :)

  11. Yay!! Can't wait to see your Books & Looks post!


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