Thursday, May 28, 2015

Guest Post: My Life as a Teacup

Hey, friends! I'm taking the week off (except for Wednesday) because I've been so busy, 
but I have an awesome line-up of guest posts for you this week!
Hello, hello! I’m Kristin, the lady behind the bookish blog and editing company My Life as a Teacup. Avid reader that I am, I’m known to carry around a book wherever I go, and whip it out at any and all times. You too? It’s a great little club we readers have going on, isn’t it? Though I’m physically able to read a book just about anywhere, that’s not to say I don’t have my preferences: a grey, rainy day, curled up inside amidst blankets and relaxing with a book in hand. And I’m sure you’re dreaming of your ideal cozy reading hideaway right now, too! Different as each person’s reading preferences may be, there are a few essentials that no good reading session should be without. If you find your bookish dream nook in need of some relaxing touches, you might find these rainy-day reading must-haves right up your alley!
  • Bookmark | While a bookmark can be constructed out of just about anything (lottery tickets, napkins, paper scraps, the day’s mail…) it helps to have a designated bookmark in reach so that you don’t have to guess at where you left off. Why not make it a bookmark that represents something you love? For me, I’m all about my hometown of Pittsburgh, and GracefulDiligence’s hand-cut Pittsburgh skyline bookmark is just dreamy!
  • A beverage of your choice | Not everyone is a fan of warm beverages, but in my opinion there’s nothing better to curl up with than a hot mug of tea! Whatever your drink preference, have your favorite beverage within arm’s reach for a mid-chapter refresher. Adagio’s Steve Carlsberg blend of tea is the perfect balance of fruit and creamy vanilla for a dreary day.
  • A nerdy mug | You’ve got to have something equally awesome to to your awesome beverage in. Fill up a bookish mug (like this Jane Austen quote mug) for maximum enjoyment.
  • Page flags | Sometimes you want to come back to a certain moment, jot down a quote, or remember something to blog about later. If you’re against writing in your books, sticky page flags like these, or even from Target’s $1 bin make for great page markers. You’ll never have to hunt for “It’s levi-O-sa, not levio-SA” ever again!
  • A comfy spot | As enjoyable as reading is, after 20-minutes of doing the “I need to find a new body position dance” around your bed/chair/floor, it’s easy to want to give up and do something else. Enter my new favorite thing ever: the body pillow. A friend of mine dragged me to Target to get one for herself, and after two days of tempting pictures and immense jealousy, I went back and bought one for me. It is the Comfiest. Thing. I’ve. Ever. Known. Buh-bye, stiff shoulders!
  • A sweet smelling candle | No day of reading and relaxing would be complete without a wonderful aroma wafting through the room. My favorite all-around candle is Yankee Candle’s Vanilla Cupcake scent. It’s (literally!) sweet, but not overpowering; just the right amount of freshness and warmth to be perfect the whole year round.
What are your must-haves for curling up with a good book?

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  1. That vanilla cupcake candle sounds amazing! I'll definitely be stopping at Yankee Candle after BEA!

  2. That candle sounds like it smells amazing! My favorite place to read is outside on a summer day by the pool :)

  3. ElleSees.blogspot.comMay 28, 2015 at 8:12 AM

    excellent reminder to light my candle! nice to meet you.

  4. Now that I've started writing book reviews on my blog, page flags are so handy! I love being able to mark spots to come back to. And yes, tea is absolutely essential for a good reading session. :)

  5. that big mug with a lot of coffee is a perfect partner for a book


  6. I agree, I need rainy days, a cozy spot, and a hot beverage. I also quite enjoy a porch with a summer breeze and an icy beverage - beer or an iced coffee!

  7. It's like being around an oven that's constantly pumping out warm chocolate chip cookies!

  8. I forget about my candles far too often, myself! It's amazing what one little light can do to a room :)

  9. They're perfect for book reviews!

  10. Summer porch reading is a close second :)

  11. Sadly I don't own this one in particular (but that may change soon!)

  12. Summer reading outside is growing on me! Though, sometimes the pages reflect the sunlight too brightly to see, haha.

  13. what a cute roundup - the mug is adorable!

    Chic on the Cheap

  14. Yes, a cozy spot with a cold beverage is my favorite! I wish I had a hammock!

  15. I should totally get page flags! Sometimes there are quotes that I want to remember and I don't like writing in my books!

  16. I have that mug! One of my favorite lines of all time!

  17. I must try that tea!!!


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