Thursday, May 21, 2015

Inspired By: Spring Activities

Are you planning any fun activities this spring and summer? One of my favorite things to do is reading outside (when there are no bugs nearby) with a glass of iced tea and chips. When I was in Austin, my brothers and I stumbled across a farmers' market. There are a bunch near me and I really want to start going to them more regularly.  

Fields of Flowers
Fields of Flowers
Flowers, flowers, flowers! They're everywhere and they're beautiful. Pretty pink petals are all over the grass and flowers of all colors have sprouted. If you're going to be inspired by flowers, you have to go for something feminine: a pale pink printed dress, a floral necklace, yellow flats, and a yellow backpack. Or put on a blue peter pan collar top, a floral midi skirt, a moon necklace, and black loafers. 

Farmers' Market Shopping
Farmers Market Shopping
Who doesn't enjoy some Saturday afternoon farmers' market shopping? Picking up fresh seasonal fruits and veggies as well as pretty flowers, handmade soap, and delicious chocolate is always a good time. Wear a casual look: a striped tee, jeans, a black watch, and black pumps. Or throw on something a bit girly: a red cardigan, a black printed dress, pink bracelets, and nude flats. 

Picnic Time
Picnic Time
Picnics are the best, aren't they? I'm all about spending time with people I love, whether it's a significant other, friends, or family, surrounded by fresh food and cold drinks and maybe some grilled burgers (or veggie burgers). Throw on a plaid shirt, a long necklace, jeans, and teal sneakers, or a gray cardigan, a pink dress, blue bracelets, a floral backpack, and black wedges. 

Reading Outside
Reading Outside
Grab a new book (or an old favorite), a cold drink, some cookies or chips or a fruit salad, and head outside. Relaxing in a hammock would be ideal (le duh), but I also love reading by the pool or at a bench in a park or sitting outside a Starbucks. Go casual and chic: a pale pink jacket, a gray tee, black high-waisted jeans, and beige booties. Or put on a purple blazer, a black dress, gold rings, and brown heels. 

{via Britta Nickel}

P.S. -- I'm headed to Pittsburgh! Yay! Follow my adventures on Instagram!

What's your favorite spring activity?

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  1. I really like spring activities, even though here we are more in summer mode jajaja, and love the purple blazer ;)

  2. Oh my gosh all of these make me look forward to the warmer weather! We have a balcony now which will be great to sit outside and read and have coffee once it warms up!

  3. Cute picks, Sara! I love how you find inspiration from everywhere- books, tv shows, photography! You have such a unique take on things!

    I just started a new Friday Favorites link-up. I would love it if you join in tomorrow!

    The Closet by Christie

  4. I'm seconding Christie in my comment, but it's incredible how you can pull inspiration from just about anywhere. That's a real talent! <3

  5. I love farmers markets! I looks so forward to them every year. Lovely post!

  6. I;m in love with all these outfits, as per usual. Those first yellow shoes are amazing!
    I love farmers markets. I miss the ones in Germany. I want to go do fruit picking, though. When the weather gets better.

  7. LittleMonsterx14May 22, 2015 at 8:07 AM

    I am so excited to go to the farmer's market again! I really wanted to take you to the one here, but we ran out of time :(

  8. Can't wait until the farmer's markets open up again around here! And yes reading outside...nothing better.

  9. The rainy season has officially stopped here in Indonesia and I'm super excited to finally be able to spend afternoon and evening outside! Love your Picnic Time outfit, especially the shirt+jeans+sneakers+backpack (my daily outfit, basically. My favourite!)

    Dara | Hola Darla | @DarlaOct


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