Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sponsor Spotlight: Unique Vintage

Have you ever stumbled upon a website and was just like, "Wow! Yes!" and then get sucked in for hours? That was the case with me when I first came across Unique Vintage. Their website is bright and colorful, the vintage-inspired clothing jumps from feminine to preppy to bohemian to pin-up and more, they have plus-sized clothing and swimsuits and the cutest handbags, and you can shop by era

But I think the best thing about Unique Vintage is their dedication to their customers and how they identify with them on a personal basis. Unique Vintage's #iamunique campaign celebrates their customers and how unique they are!
You are unique. You turn heads. You are your own person. You can express yourself through the language of fashion, and no one tells you what ou can and can't say. You're a mover, a shaker, a fabulous-maker.  
Unique Vintage has never been a one "type" of person. You come in all shapes and sizes, from all backgrounds and beliefs, and from all orientations and affiliations. You are published pin-ups, military wives welcoming husbands come, and high school seniors putting your own uniqur spin on your formal wear. You are mothers enjoying a vamped up night out, grandmothers with a flair for era fashion, dramatic drag queens making the world their stage, and cancer survivors finding hope and flaunting confidence in the perfect dress. You are all of this, that, and everything in between. 
We want to celebrate how you express your own unique style, embrace your own unique body, and embody our own uniqueness. You are unique. And we want to celebrate you
How awesome is that?! Unique Vintage even created an #iamunique lookbook featuring all types of unique women (a cancer survivor, a mom, a pin-up, a drag queen, etc.) and you can be a part of their #iamunique campaign by using the hashtag on social media. 

I uploaded the picture below to their gallery and used #iamunique on Instagram to join the celebration of being unique!
P.S. -- You should totally check out their new spring styles! Swoon!

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  1. This sounds like such a great clothing company! Vintage-inspired dresses just look so gorgeous with a pair of heels and pearls.

  2. Oh my heavens, so pretty!! Alex

  3. LittleMonsterx14May 7, 2015 at 4:52 PM

    Those dresses are sooo pretty, and I love the message!


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