Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Outfit: Bookworm Problems

There are a ton of great things about being a bookworm (stacks of books everywhere, knowledgeable about random things, fantastic vocabulary, and can recommend books anytime, anywhere), but there are some downsides to being a bibliophile. Fellow book nerds will understand these dilemmas!

Bookworm problems:

  • wanting to buy every new book no matter how big your TBR is
  • getting interrupted while reading just as you get to the good part
  • forgetting to post a #bookstagram picture for a photo challenge
  • feeling bad for starting a new book when you haven't finished the other five you're reading
  • living vicariously through a character's sizzling romance
  • going to sleep at 2am because you had to finish that chapter
  • needing to re-read a favorite book even though you just got 3 new books in the mail
  • sneaking into a bookstore to look at the books because you can't afford to buy more
  • you think about the books you could be reading while at work or school
What book nerd problems have you experienced? 

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