Monday, March 7, 2016

Spring Beauty Wishlist

So after two years, I'm thinking of stopping my Ipsy subscription. While I've loved getting cute bags full of make up every month and discovering a lot of great brands and products, I seem to get stuff from the same companies over and over. Obviously you can't beat getting five products for a mere $10, but there's always one or two in each bag that I don't like or don't use or would prefer in a different color. Besides, if there's a product I really, really want then I'll just fork over the money. So it seems my time with Ipsy is coming to an end. 

Below are some drugstore beauty products on my wishlist.
Spring Beauty Wishlist

Spring Beauty Wishlist:

Any beauty products you want to try this spring? 

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  1. u must the the nudes pallet, its really nice
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