Friday, May 27, 2016

Favorite Things

Man, this month was a busy one, but a lot of awesome things happened! One of those awesome things was the Color Vibe 5k. Throwing packets of colored powder, getting covered in colored power, a touch but worth it 3-mile walk, an epic post-run dance party, and taking a million pictures with my friends. It's so much fun!

I also saw Les Miserables on Broadway yesterday! I haven't been to a Broadway show in years. I'm dying to see Aladdin since the Disney movie is one of my favorites. 

How freaking cute are these Pride and Prejudice and Merlin stickers?! I love that Elizabeth is sticking her tongue out. And even years later, I'm still bummed that Merlin ended. The show was so campy, but also so heart-warming. And the bromance between Merlin and Arthur as the best. Who else liked that show?

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 Sponsors: So excited that Spruce Rose Apothecary is a sponsor this month because their Tea Tree & Ylang Ylang Body Butter sounds amazing! And it's all-natural!

Another favorite of mine is this cute Harry Potter picture I took. *pats self on back* 

Happy Friday!

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