Friday, May 13, 2016

Inspired By: Love & Friendship

Calling all Jane Austen lovers! Austen's work is always sassy, funny, quick-witted, and critical of society at the time, and Lady Susan is no different. Love & Friendship, based on Lady Susan, is set in the 1790s and the widowed Lady Susan Vernon seeks refuge with her in-laws as rumors about her private life circulate through society. While staying at the estate, Lady Susan decides to find herself and her daughter, Frederica, a husband.

The movie is out in theaters today in select theaters.

Lady Susan Vernon
Love & Friendship -- Lady Susan
Lady Susan (Kate Beckinsale) goes to her in-laws in order to secure a husband for her daughter and of course for herself since she became a widow at a young age. 

Go for a modern meets Georgian look by wearing a blue floppy hat, an off-the-shoulder light blue dress, navy jacket, and floral wedges. Or instead wear a purple lace dress (or maxi dress!) with a colorful necklace, arrow bracelet, and black flats. 

Alicia Johnson
Love & Friendship -- Alicia
Alicia (Chloe Sevingy) is an intimate friend of Lady Susan's to whom she confides all of her scheming and controversial relationships with men. Alicia herself is stuck in a marriage with a man she doesn't love. 

Throw on a light blue cardigan, mustard yellow dress, pink bow headband, and cut-out blue flats. Or if you feel like being fancy, you can wear a black blazer, a white layered dress, and black booties. 

Frederica Vernon
Love & Friendship -- Frederica
Frederica (Morfydd Clark) is Lady Susan's young daughter, who is a shy, sensible girl and she doesn't want to be married off by her mother, whose life revolves around marriage and men.

For the office, put on a black blazer, dark purple dress, and lace-up flats. Or for a modern vibe, wear a fuschia lace romper, black headband, floral bracelet, and black heels.

Are you a Austenite?
Will you be seeing this? 

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