Monday, August 15, 2016

6 #Bookstagram Props To Use

If you're on Instagram and a book nerd, then there's a good chance you've taken a #boostagram picture because it's just plain fun! It's not just setting up the picture that's enjoyable, it's writing the caption and adding hashtags and then perusing those hashtags for people with similar tastes in books. It's an awesome community right at your fingertips, which is why I love it! 

So whether you're a bookstagram pro or a newbie, I thought I'd share my favorite props to use in my Instagram pictures. 

ONE | Candles
Obviously, I don't just use candles for bookstagram pictures because who wouldn't want their home to smell like a cafe or Winterfell? But I love including candles because they always add a warm glow to all of my pictures and add a little extra coziness. 

TWO | Mugs & Teacups
Doesn't matter whether you drink coffee, tea, or all of the tears you shed from your latest read, adding a cute mug full of liquid heaven (I prefer iced tea!) looks great next to a book and adds that "Oh, I'm just sitting here reading and I happened to take a picture of it" look. 

My favorites: Barnes & Noble, DriinkyMelville House, and Marshall's. 

THREE | Brooches & Pins
If you're like me and somehow manage to acquire more and more bookish pins every single day, but somehow also manage to forget to wear them outside then show them in your bookstagram pictures. Genius, right? They're too cool not to show off!

My favorites: Hot TopicTaryn DrawsKookoobird, and Etsy. 

FOUR | Bookmarks
Magnetic, wooden, paper, or metalif you've got 'em flaunt 'em. Don't hide your pretty, little bookmarks; include them in your pictures, especially if they correspond to the picture, like pairing a Belle magnetic bookmark with Beauty, a Beauty and the Beast retelling. 

FIVE | Fandom Merch
Tell the world you love [fill in the blank here], whether it's Harry Potter, Jane Austen, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Star Trek, or Rainbow Rowell, show off your nerdy side with all of the cool stuff you've collected. Because we know you've got it. I sometimes like to include Hermione's wand, my Funkos, my Pride and Prejudice stickers, my Chocolate Frog cards, or my fandom jewelry to my pictures. There's nothing better than connecting with people who love the same fandom as you!

SIX | Whatever You Have Lying Around The House
Sometimes the best props are everyday things you have in your house that you use every all the time. Here are some ideas: plants, blankets or scarves to use as backdrops, fairy lights, headphones, necklaces, mini chalkboards, magnifying glasses, nail polish, lipstick, serving trays, mini globes, tea, your phone, or even food. Seriously, if you have it in your home and you think it looks cool, then use it in your bookstagram pictures!

What are your favorite props to use? 

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